Niall Horan Wins Our Heart With His Handwritten Newsletter

If Niall Horan is trying to make me jump from Team Harry to Team Niall – he’s doing a great job. The Irish crooner has stolen my heart with This Town and now – a newsletter that is hand written?

Count me in!

There aren’t many newsletters that I subscribe too, because they are boring. They are all mailchimp formatted and plug and play. But Niall took the time to write out a letter to the fans.

“I’m doing my first TV performance this week on Graham Norton which is really nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time. I’ll be doing other TV shows over the coming weeks too. So listen out for news on that.” he writes. Well, we need to know what these are so we can stalk out where we need to watch them.


Visit his website to sign up for his newsletter.

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