Supergirl 2×01 Roundtable: Discussing 'The Adventures of Supergirl'

A new season of Supergirl means a new season of roundtables where Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, and Lyra discuss the hot topics from every Supergirl episode.

In the season two premiere of Supergirl, Kara welcomed her famous cousin, Superman to National City as the pair partnered up for the first time on-screen. Kara was dealing with the fallout of the season finale, which introduced a mysterious new Kryptonian into the mix, as well as struggling to find balance in her life as Supergirl and as Kara Danvers.

What were your overall thoughts on “The Adventures of Supergirl?”

Alyssa: Supergirl’s season premiere was as much fun as I’d hoped it would be. And it was damn good. It was a solid hour that showcased some of the best elements of the show: Kara’s personality, heart, action, intrigue, and Cat Grant. Not to mention adding Superman to the mix set it over the top. That interaction between Kara and Clark was so organic and fluid that it was almost like Clark had been a part of the first season. While I wasn’t a fan of the Kara/James romance, which didn’t even last an entire episode, everything else was so good. The dynamics between the characters (from Kara and Clark to J’Onn and Clark), the introduction of Lena Luthor, and the perfection that is Cat Grant made this episode so damn enjoyable. Like I have trouble pinpointing the weakness of the episode. So I’m going to stick to the Kara/James romance. Yup.
Lizzie: What a good episode. I thought it was better than the season premieres of Arrow and the Flash, and it was certainly as good, if not better, than this show has ever been. There wasn’t even one misstep for me in this episode – not, I didn’t like Kara/James, they took care of that. Yes, I enjoyed Winn much more like a dorky friend than as the lovesick fool, they did that. Yes, I was craving Kara/Clark interaction, they gave us that, and they did it SO well too, without overshadowing Kara at any point. AND, they gave me plenty of Cat Grant, which I was afraid they weren’t going to do. So, it seems like the CW move was the right thing for Supergirl. And I couldn’t be happier.
Lyra: It was better than all the other DC show premieres combined (I know LOT hasn’t premiered but I stick with my statement). There I said it! It exceeded my expectations and satisfied my need for Kara’s storyline progressing, Superman being introduced, and Cat giving out the best advice a girl can get. Now I need them to keep bravely going forward and keep true to who these people are without throwing unnecessary drama into the mix to throw everything off. I’m trusting you Supergirl. Trusting you!

Tyler Hoechlin made his debut as Superman in the premiere. Holy lord. What did you think of him and his relationship with Kara?

Alyssa: I’m not going to lie, I initially was skeptical and concerned about the introduction of Superman to Supergirl’s universe. Not because I was worried about how he would fit in with the show, but because I didn’t want the focus to be diverted from Kara. But that’s why this move works in season two. Supergirl has been established as Kara’s show after 20 episodes where she’s the hero. Given Kara’s relationship with Clark it only seemed natural that he eventually make his presence known and help his cousin out.

Tyler Hoechlin was everything I could’ve wanted from Superman on this show. His portrayal was so sensational in its simplicity. It seemed effortless. The way Hoechlin was able to bring to life the many qualities of Clark and Superman was something truly spectacular. Then there was his relationship with Kara, which was something truly special even in the characters’ first interactions with each other. There was a natural rapport between the two whether it was between Kara and Clark or their heroic personas. You really felt the bond between these last children of Krypton and just how much they support one another as individuals and as heroes. More please!
Lizzie: Okay, let me start by admitting that I was sort of skeptical. Not just of the actor, but of the whole idea of bringing Superman into Supergirl. It could have been a total mess, and yet, it wasn’t.  In fact, Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent is as good as interpretation of the Man of Steel as I’ve seen in years. And yes, I’m counting the movies in that.
But the most important thing, as I mentioned before, is that they let him shine without overshadowing Kara. This show IS called Supergirl, not Superman. If he was going to come into her show, he needed to be what he was, a hero, a helper, a friend, a shoulder for Kara to lean on, and still, at the same time, someone who recognized there were things he could learn from Kara. It wasn’t a relationship of one looking up to the other as much as it was both of them recognizing that they could get something from working together.
It was beautiful and they were absurd levels of adorable together and I want more.
Lyra: Tyler Hoechlin has ruined me for all other Superman’s. I know we have the classics and Henry Cavill looks mouth dropping in that suit. But Tyler nailed it. He managed to capture the respect, sincerity, and goofiness of the strange alien. This Clark wasn’t pretending to be clumsy, unaware of his influence, or that he wasn’t happy with Lois. He was aware of the man he was, his capabilities, his faults, and that he was simply a clumsy happy dork.
Also…move aside Barry Allen! You’ve been replaced in cuteness level. Kara/Clark is where it’s at! With every tease, smile, or gesture you could tell that they love each other and recognize the importance of having each other’s back. Just because one of them has been at this superhero business longer or one cleaned the others diapers, doesn’t mean that they’re trying to constantly one up each other. They’re partners that respect each other’s turf and the people around them. I can honestly say that I’d love to see both of them on my screen for as long as possible. Don’t go Clark!

Kara’s journey this season looks to involve her learning to balance her life as Supergirl and as Kara Danvers. What were your thoughts on her struggle this episode and what is she going to have to learn this season?

Alyssa: It’s definitely a struggle that she needs to experience this season as she continues to grow into Supergirl. While the first season was all about her owning her Supergirl persona, when it comes to being a hero that’s not where it ends. Being a hero – a masked and costumed one – involves concealing your true identity and also working overtime to do two jobs. This season is all about understanding that she needs to do right by both parts of who she is: Supergirl and Kara Danvers.
The main thing Kara needs to learn this season is how to walk the line of that balance between being Supergirl and being Kara Danvers. She can’t let one override the other because both are integral in her heroic persona. She can’t be Supergirl without being Kara. And now she can’t be Kara without being Supergirl. It’ll be interesting to watch Kara juggle those two sides of her, and it’ll be nice to watch her accept it and work on that balance.
Lizzie: I think this is a struggle every superhero goes through – how do you balance your personal life and your “job.” It’s hard. And Kara also has to balance actual advancement in her chosen career. The fact that it’s a bit too much to handle shouldn’t be a surprise. The fact that she steps back and recognizes it, though, is. Superheroes are not normally the most self-aware people in the universe (*ahem* Oliver Queen and Barry Allen *ahem). I think we’ll come to see her realize that she can’t be just Kara or just Supergirl, she needs to live life as both. And I think we’ll see her come to a balance. I just kinda hope she doesn’t go back to James when she finds that balance.
Lyra: I’m thrilled aka over the moon that Kara is choosing herself. It’s a step that many characters don’t take. Crazy right? They just jump into romance while balancing their lives without taking into account that they have completely changed. Before you know it, it’s a big heaping pile of drama and someone’s hurt. Her struggle this episode showed that she’s been mulling over existential questions about herself and where she goes from now. For too long she’s been focusing on specific aspects of herself separately. Now she’s bringing it all together to figure out who she is as a whole. It’s a huge journey that she’s about to embark on and I couldn’t be prouder.

Kara called things off with James before they even started. What are your thoughts on that relationship? And do you see that ever really going anywhere?

Alyssa: I’ve never been so proud of these writers than right now. That’s not entirely true, but I am glad that they got the sense that these two weren’t exactly working as a romantic pairing. That’s not to say that they couldn’t get there eventually – with a lot of development and growing – but there’s no use forcing something that isn’t there. I know that these superhero shows really thrive on that one true love pairing for their lead hero (I’m looking at you, Arrow and Flash), but it’s okay for the hero to be single and focus on saving her city.
I was never a fan of Kara and James – actually, that’s a lie. I actually really enjoyed them in the pilot and the second episode before the writers kind of lost where they were going with the relationship. They introduced Lucy Lane and then things got weird with the direction of this possible romance with Kara and James. Anyway, I always felt like it was something that was being forced rather than led to happen organically. We’ve already seen what happens when you try to force two characters together who just don’t work romantically (I’m looking at you, Oliver and Laurel), and we’ve seen what happens when you just let the story play out and discover these unexpected connections that lead to that true love pairing you had prayed for (I’m looking at you, Oliver and Felicity).
So I hope the writers understand that they don’t need to force Kara in any relationship; they need to just let the story happen. These same producers have seen magically chemistry at work. They’ve just got to let it play out. As for it Kara and James could possibly ever go anywhere? I mean, never say never. If they could write these two characters in a way where their romantic relationship makes sense they might just make a believer out of me yet.
Lizzie: I understand we’re supposed to like it, but I don’t. I don’t hate it either, if anything, I feel very lukewarm about it. I don’t think the chemistry is off the charts, and I don’t like James as a character, not after that mess with Lucy, so I kind of don’t want this to happen …ever. Could they make me like James? Sure. Could they reconcile me to the idea of this couple? Maybe. I’m never gonna say no. But I feel she has more chemistry with a lot of other people and they’d do well taking this story in another direction.
Lyra: Praise the fandom lords! Kara and James is dead, for now! I think it was the right decision for Kara to take a step back and choose to get to know herself a little better. She’s at the beginning of her superhero and professional journey and she’s honest enough with herself to recognize that she’s not ready for something with James. Honesty like that is always appreciated. Somewhere down the line, when he becomes the Guardian and she learns how to balance everything and who she is, maybe they’ll be ready for a romance. Until then stay away James. Kara’s too busy being awesome!

The final scene of the episode reminded us that it’s not all fun and games, that there is a threat emerging. That threat here is Cadmus. What are your thoughts on Cadmus as the Big Bad this season?

Alyssa: I have to admit that I’m actually very excited with Supergirl’s big bad this year. Last year’s threat was anything from menacing once they killed Astra, but Cadmus presents so many possibilities. There’s a personal connection with Cadmus given the tease that Jeremiah Danvers was taken in by this organization and Kara, Alex, and J’Onn know. Anytime you can add a personal level to a villain it adds another layer – an emotional one – that makes for fantastic storytelling.
I’m also very curious to learn more about Cadmus as an organization. We know that they’ve had questionable methods when it comes to experimentation. But what is their true purpose? What are their intentions? What’s going to happen when Kara, Alex, and J’Onn get involved? It’s definitely a storyline I’m eager to see play out.
Lizzie: I like it more than I like the idea of one person as the big bad, because there are many different places they can go with this, and it’s way more believable when you have an organization that someone like Supergirl just can’t defeat them in one day. That being said, it’s all mystery for now, and I kind of want some explanations.  I assume that will come in due course, though. For now I’m happy with how the season started and where they seem to be heading. Bring on more Supergirl!
Lyra: Why can’t I have my fun and games? I don’t want any bad guys ruining the brilliance that is Kara and Clark. In all honestly I had to look up who Cadmus was. A secret scientific organization whose part of the DEO? I thought they were supposed to be our friends? *insert sarcasm here* Every government organization goes through this at one point or another. They’re afraid of the unknown and fear that trouble might be coming. So they prepare themselves for a war that is ultimately one of their own making. Not excited or fearful of them at all.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Stay tuned for another Supergirl Roundtable next Sunday!

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