Bella Thorne Is An Angel And Has The Wings To Prove It!

Recently I got a tattoo on my foot. A simple tattoo. It was an outline of a heart and I cried like a baby and didn’t get the color put in. There was no way that needle was coming any closer to me.

So when I saw Bella Thorne’s newest tattoo, I freaked out a little bit.

#cats & #tatts

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Ouch. But at the same point can’t help but love those angel wings. Everyone is an angel and I have always loved how Bella embraces every part of herself. She is who she is.

Now we missed the past about Snapchatting her colonic or the hickey’s on her neck (thought at New York Comic Con we did see Tyler Posey’s and that thing was huge), but we admire Thorne’s outspoken ways. She’s teaching those that admire her that it’s okay to be yourself – no matter what.

Featured Photo: Instagram

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