8 Things We Loved About The Flash: ‘The New Rogues’

While The Flash hasn’t lived up to the high execution of seasons’ past, the show’s fourth episode of season three was perhaps my favorite this season. There are certain elements that I really love about The Flash – WestAllen, Barry and Joe, Killer Frost, Cisco and Harry – and they were all on full blast in “The New Rogues.”

Considering Barry Allen is currently on my shit list (writers, I’m looking at you to help remove him in time for the holidays), it was nice to sort of enjoy an episode where I wasn’t pissed off at Barry the entire time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still angry. But this was the first time where I was able to look past it for once and really enjoy the episode. Of course Barry getting trapped in a mirror for a good while certainly helped.

While the episode felt bittersweet as Harry Wells and Jesse Quick returned to Earth-2, there was a certain frosty storyline that left us chilled to our icy core. Was that enough Killer Frost references for you?

Here are 8 things we loved about The Flash’s latest installment, “The New Rogues”:

WestAllen Cuteness and Sexy Times

Say what you will about Barry Allen (lord knows I have), but sometimes it’s easy to forget I’m mad at him when he’s getting all cutesy with Iris. As The Flash delves into the romantic relationship between Barry and Iris, we’re getting a glimpse at the cute aspects of their relationship that has always defined them. Long before they were romantically involved, Barry and Iris shared a beautiful friendship that had evolved over the many years of knowing each other. In fact, it kind of made this transition from friends into significant others inevitable.

Not only did we get those adorable moments, but we got a tease of the sexy moments to come between Barry and Iris. The two were certainly heating things up in their living room before Joe walked in and extinguished the flame. Bring on the WestAllen sexy times.

The New Dynamic Between Barry, Iris, and Joe

Given the fact that Barry was raised by Joe since he was 11 years old, it was safe to assume that thinks would get awkward real quick once Barry and Iris started getting kissy-kissy. It added a layer of humor and realness to the situation, which is something that The Flash has always managed to do well in terms of personal situations. The Flash flourishes under the natural comedic timings of Grant Gustin and Jesse Martin, and this was no exception.

It’s interesting because both Iris and Barry and Joe’s children, but they’re not related, which certainly complicates things. Joe probably never imagined Barry and Iris exploring a different aspect of their relationship, but surprise, surprise. It’s justifiably awkward for Joe, but it appears as if Joe is working on looking past it. They are both his children after all. If Barry and Iris ever do head down the road of marriage on the show, it’ll almost come full circle.

A Jealous Harry Wells

God, I’ve missed Harry Wells. It’s hard to believe we went two whole episodes without him until he returned last week. He’s such a complex and dynamic character that has forged these very real bonds with people and who tries to hide behind his tough-guy persona sometimes. But this episode we learned that Harry wasn’t going to stay on Earth-1. His Earth still needed some work, and it was up to him and Jesse to ensure it happened.


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So Wells offered to bring another Harrison Wells doppleganger into the mix, which was perhaps the coolest idea ever. Can I have one? But even though it was his idea, we got to see Harry’s jealous side as Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin fawned over the different Wells. Eventually they went with one that possessed more than a little sense of humor, and Wells returned to Earth-2. But something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him.

Killer Frost Beginnings

This is hands down my favorite storyline being explored this season. When it comes to Killer Frost, I was never a fan of Killer Frost just being presented as a villain as she was on Earth-2. There’s so much more that goes into becoming a villain than just having icy breath.

From the brief glimpses that we got in the previous episode and “The New Rogues” especially, The Flash is handling Caitlin’s Killer Frost origin in a very respectful and realistic manner. While there’s nothing normal about having breath that would make Ice Breakers commercials jealous, it’s the very human way that Caitlin has reacted and will react moving forward. This storyline is going to explore what distinguishes a hero from a villain and how you’re not born one or the other. You forge that path yourself.

Jesse and Wally Flirting

Ever since last season, I’ve been watching Jesse and Wally with heart eyes as these two soon-to-be-speedsters flirted like the adorable kids that they are. There was definitely a spark there that kind of went unnoticed being as obstacles such as getting hit with dark matter, returning to Earth-2, and Jesse becoming a speedster.

In this episode we got to see Jesse and Wally act on their feelings. I loved how Jesse was the one to make the first move. Get it, girl. You definitely weren’t reading the signals wrong. Turns out Wally was scared about getting involved with Jesse being as she would soon be returning to Earth-2. But there finally came a moment where Wally realized he was tired of standing on the side and being afraid, and he went in for a kiss that was much better than their first attempt. Even though Jesse is back on Earth-2, I’ll continue shipping Jesse and Wally until their reunited and beyond.

Barry Gets a Consequence

While I certainly enjoyed myself more than usual this season with “The New Rogues,” something that I took great pleasure in was watching Barry get trapped inside a mirror. In a way, it was a small punishment for the massive effects of Flashpoint. It was nice to see Barry suffer even a little bit still being pissed off at him. This episode was less Barry being “I don’t need to be reminded of how I effed up” and more “shit, I effed up.”

The Return of Leonard Snart – Kind Of

With Wentworth Miller’s monster new deal that spreads him throughout the Berlanti-verse, it should come as no surprise to see Captain Cold make a cameo on The Flash. While I was desperately hoping it was a present-day cameo (indicating that Flashpoint had somehow saved him from dying), all we had to go on was the Snart from three years prior.

While it wasn’t the real Leonard Snart, the little bit that we got reminded me just how much I miss Snart. Whether it’s his snark or his right to the point demeanor, getting to see Snart alive was definitely something that gave me life.

Jesse Quick in the Field

It was certainly too good to be true. Just as quickly as Jesse Quick had retuned to Earth-1, along with Harry Wells, she has left two episodes later after teasing us with what could be. In the short time that we learned of Jesse’s super speed, we’ve gotten to explore her character in a way we never did last season. We got to dig deep.

One of the cool things about this episode was that we got to see Jesse Quick all suited up alongside The Flash. She donned a similar scarlet red suit and mask and acted as every bit the hero you’d expect her to be. She even had a little feud with The Top, which provided for some great exchanges between the two. Jesse Quick in the field was everything I was hoping for. I can only pray she returns soon.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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