Things I Never Wanted to See: Maggie’s Death on The Walking Dead

As if seeing Glenn and Abraham being murdered wasn’t enough, someone has leaked footage of Maggie Greene’s death on The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. It’s well know that the show filmed multiple deaths to deter spoilers coming out and lock in the storyline that they wanted to write. It’s a brilliant move that other’s will no doubt follow in hopes of keeping their secrets.

Did I want to see it? No. I’ve tried to scrub the mental image of Glenn and Abraham’s death from my mind for days. Was it a coincidence that it was leaked? Nope. With how tight lipped they were, and the fact that Scott & Robert knew how this scene would go for 2 years, there’s no way this just managed to slip through. Should you check it out below? Maybe. Be ready for chills, Negan dialogue, and Maggie showing how strong she truly is.

I’ve got a feeling that as other deaths “leak” we’ll see that everyone kneeling in front of Negan, went down with fight still in them.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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