Supergirl 2×03 Roundtable: 'Welcome to Earth'

A new season of Supergirl means a new season of roundtables where Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, and Lyra discuss the hot topics from every Supergirl episode.

In the third episode of Supergirl’s second season, Kara and co. welcomed the President of the United States (Lynda Carter) to town in the midst of a human vs. alien conflict. We also got our first official glimpse at who Mon-El might be, as well as a spark between Alex and Maggie Sawyer.

What were your overall thoughts on ‘Welcome to Earth?’

Alyssa: Supergirl continues to be my favorite DC show this season. It’s doing what it does best: addressing real-world issues in a unique way that suits its show and its characters. But it also has some amazing parallels to our society. “Welcome to Earth” did a great job of bringing this humans vs. aliens conflict to the forefront. While we don’t necessarily have aliens, our society treats those that aren’t the norm like aliens. So it was very interesting to see how that was handled. Supergirl is the best DC show right now simply because it’s doing what it does best. It’s addressing issues, it’s putting the characters before the action and comic book lore, and it’s doing it behind some pretty amazing writing and acting.
Lizzie: I continue to be more excited about Supergirl than any other DCTV show. Clark is gone, Cat is gone, and the show did not let up at all. In fact, though I missed those two, I was very interested in the way this show has just opened up the compass to show us not just Hank and Kara, but a whole host of other aliens. It makes sense, and it’s kind of surprising that I never thought about it before. And think of the possibilities! They’re endless. Not just to show the bad aliens – which Supergirl has done before, but the good ones.
Lyra: It broke ground on a lot of issues that Supergirl’s world and National City are facing. It’s also a reflection of our reality and how we fear what we don’t understand. And instead of trying to get to know the unknown we react first and ask questions later, certain in our belief that the unknown is bad and will harm us. The fear mongering by Catco only added fuel to the fire and made me think of our media today. The “other” is looked upon with suspicion instead of welcome. So much for, “Give me your tired, your poor/your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

One of the issues that this show brought center stage was prejudice. We saw how even superheroes can be blinded by their bias. What were your thoughts on that?

Alyssa: As I mentioned before, Supergirl is the best because it manages to deal with very real issues in its own unique way. The issue on the table this week was prejudice, as we saw that even Supergirl – the woman who tends to look for the best in people – was blinded by her bias. We saw that with her feelings towards Mon-El, who came from a neighboring planet. Basically they were the Capulets and the Montagues. The Jets and the Sharks. The Bears and the Packers. Sorry, sports references are inevitable with me.
Kara viewed Mon-El as someone with ill intentions – and labeled him the President’s attacker – because he hailed from a place that she always viewed as the enemy. But it turns out her bias nearly cost the President her life again when it was revealed that Mon-El wasn’t the attacker; he was merely being held because he was viewed as the enemy for no reason. I loved how Kara recognized her bias and took responsibility for it. She apologized and she learned a valuable lesson moving forward, which is what this hero business is all about. At present, Supergirl is easily the smartest and most well-rounded hero in the Berlanti-verse.
Lizzie: I loved that Supergirl went for such a deep message, and I especially loved that Kara can and will learn her lesson. She was being awfully unfair to Mon-El, and, in a way, though she couldn’t see it, she was doing the same thing she complained about. But Kara’s always been one of the most self-aware superheroes in the DC Universe. She might not get things right away, but she’s always been good at taking at step back once they’re pointed out to her and just …learning. And right now that just makes me want to wrap Kara in blankets and give her love and protect her. Except, I know she doesn’t need me to. She’s got this.
Lyra: I think it’s an issue that is brought up in all superhero shows. In one way or another the “other” always becomes something to fear. For Arrow it’s vigilantes, The Flash it’s metahumans, and LOT…well, I have no idea about that last one. Back to Supergirl. As a hero you have to work past that and set an example that other’s will follow. Kara isn’t perfect and had to work through her own prejudice to become a better, more well rounded person. I liked that she went through this with Mon-El and saw that there are different ways to think as long as you keep an open mind. It makes her better hero for it.

The alien speaks! We finally got our first real glimpse at Mon-El, our mysterious alien who crashed landed in a Kryptonian pod. What do you think about Mon-El? Is he friend or foe?

Alyssa: My gut tells me that Mon-El is friend. We already know who the real threat of this season is – Cadmus. But I think that our not being comfortable with Mon-El definitely makes it easy to think twice about Mon-El’s true intentions. What made him crash land on Earth? Was it something related to Kara that was random? Or was it purposeful? Is he a distraction from Cadmus? See, look at how easy it was to me to start thinking about how he might be foe. No, but honestly I think he’ll wind up being an ally for Kara. And who knows, he might be more. Not gonna lie, I was feeling the vibe between him and Kara.
Lizzie: Friend, for sure. Dang it, I hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that. I quite like Mon-El, and it’s not just because I find the actor hot – though fine, that helps. I liked the two interactions that he had with Kara, and I like the fact that, through everything, I could see how lost he was. How much he just wanted to go back home. I think Kara has felt that, and I think that’s why they’ll bond.
Lyra: Neither. He’s in a gray area right now where he’s trying to figure out the political and social climate of the planet he’s on. So far, and if I were in his shoes, I’d feel attacked and threatened by Earth. Sure, he woke up scared and they reacted in turn. That was understandable. But afterwards, they locked him away, no questions asked, more because of where he was from and Supergirl’s prejudice towards him. I can see him working with Kara to find his place in this world. I can also see him working with Lena Luthor to find an advantage in this world. The options, really are endless.

Alex was getting close with Detective Maggie Sawyer as the two proved to be a great team. What did you think of their dynamic? Are you getting any vibes between them?

Alyssa: Oh there were definitely vibes between them. It was evident from the pair’s first meeting. While I’m convinced it’s somewhere the show is headed, a lot of that also came from the chemistry between the two actresses. I really love the dynamic between Alex and Maggie. They’re both kickass women that are very commanding in their profession. They are the best, and they know it. But more than that, they’re also two people that care a lot more than they let on. I’m really excited to hear that Alex is going to get an arc of her own this season that isn’t intertwined with Kara’s. And Alex needs some love, too!
Lizzie: I got a vibe. Was there a vibe? I thought there was one. I really liked Maggie, she wasn’t just one of those characters that come into the show just for the vibe – she was useful, she was charming and I hope we get to see her again, like, relatively soon. And not just because I think Alex could benefit from a life outside Kara and the DEO, but because DCTV needs more badass women without powers showing that it can be done.
Lyra: Lesbi-honest, I was getting some definite vibes from Alex and Maggie. There was just this natural chemistry that flowed between these two women. They’re both surprised and intrigued by the other and I see this coming back over and over again. Alex deserves to start building a life outside of Kara and her work. Why not now? Why not with Maggie?

The original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, guest starred as the President of the United States. What did you think about Carter’s appearance?

Alyssa: Loved. It. Lynda Carter is iconic. She knows what it takes to be a badass superhero long before this present day superhero renaissance. Given everything she did for Wonder Woman and female heroes back in the day, it was a given to get her on a show that was doing the same in the modern era. And was there a better role for her to play than President of the United States? It wasn’t even something that you second-guessed. It made perfect sense for Lynda Carter to be the most powerful woman in the world. I also loved the subtle Wonder Woman nods, like, “You should see my other jet.” I was totally fangirling. And the best part? There was a tease that we haven’t seen the last of the President, who also is an alien, on this show.
Lizzie: Fangirl level 1000.  I mean, I couldn’t but love it. I thought it was a bit too straightforward till the end, and then I loved it more. Because adding the alien bit means there’ll be more to this story and more Linda Carter. It also opens up the alien compass ever more. How many of them are they? How long have they been around?
Lyra: I thought it was so cheesy but perfect that Lynda Carter appeared on Supergirl. They threw a little hints here and there about her past as Wonder Woman and showed us a mere glimpse of the power she held when she was that superhero. And am I reading too much into the fact that Supergirl had a female president taking about inclusion of all people in a time where the US is having a rather…interesting election?

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Stay tuned for another Supergirl roundtable next Sunday!

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