NFL Week 8 Winners and Losers

We’re halfway through the season, and it’s starting to take shape. Or, in some cases, get murkier. But that’s usually the way of things in week 8.

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL – or is that the Cowboys? The Raiders are surprisingly co-leading their division. The AFC North is a mess. And there’s a lot of parity in the NFC in general.

Let’s examine this week’s winners and losers and see where your team ends up.


The Oakland Raiders: Despite all the penalties, despite not being flashy, despite no one outside of Oakland really rooting for them, here they are, tied for first in the AFC West.

Tom Brady: Four game suspension? No problem. I’m just going to relax, have some family vacation and come back still looking like the best QB in the game.

The New Orleans Saints: You thought they were dead too, right? Well, never count out Drew Brees and company.

The Denver Defense: This team will go as far as the defense takes them – and with games like this week’s, that might be farther than a lot of people thought.


The NFL: No one wins when we have a tie. When we have a tie two weeks in a row? The NFL loses.

Carson Palmer: He was sacked 8 times, and for most of the game he looked like he had no idea what to do. Remember when the Cards were the trendy Super Bowl pick? Neither do I.

Blake Bortles: His numbers look good if he’s on your fantasy team, but he’s been terrible and it’s starting to become obvious that this team cant’ win with him.

The Colts Defense: They’ve never been good, that’s true, but have they ever been this bad?


Tom Brady, New England Patriots. So, the 4 game suspension was actually a good thing? Is that what we’re saying?


Joe Barksdale, San Diego Chargers. To be fair, he was going against Von Miller. But he surrendered a sack, two hits, two hurries and was flagged four times.

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