unREAL To Shake Things Up With A Female Suitor For Season 3

UnReal HeaderunREAL keeps us on our toes every week and that is part of what we love about the show. The Lifetime show has a male suitor the past two seasons and the drama level has been intense. But this season they are going to up the drama – they are having a female suitor.

Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer gave the world the great news in a Facebook Live. I knew I needed to watch more of those.

“There will be 25 men on set, and Rachel will hook up with all of them,” Appleby said in an interview with ET.

Zimmer added, “You won’t only have two strong female leads, but we’re going to add a third one.”

25 men and Rachel? Oy! She better keep her eyes focused, because Jeremy sacrificed a lot for her. But we have a feeling that in Rachel’s fragile mental state it will never be as simple as that.

“It will shake up the show and make everything feel really fresh.” Appleby said.

We’re looking forward to the third season of unREAL, but like you will be waiting until next year.

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