The Blacklist 4×07 Preview Guide: ‘Dr. Adrian Shaw’

Tonight’s, “Dr. Adrian Shaw” is the second to last episode before the fall break. We all know that The Blacklist gets crazy leading up to and during every finale, so we can expect intense episodes tonight and next Thursday.

Last week, we finally saw Agnes returned safely home, and Kirk delivered into FBI custody. It seemed that everything had been brought to a close, but as the promo for tonight’s episode showed us, that is not the case. Kirk collapses in his cell and has to be transferred to a hospital, where he is immediately targeted by people who wish to do him harm. If Kirk dies, Liz’s childhood secrets die with him. Because of this terrifying possibility, Liz looks like she’s going to do everything in her power to keep Kirk safe, despite the wishes of Red and the rest of the task force.

If Red would just agree to tell her everything about her childhood, she wouldn’t need to protect Kirk this desperately. She might still feel an obligation to keep him safe just because he is her biological father, but it would be in a much more objective and level-headed manner. As it is right now, Liz is completely blinded by her emotions, and it’s putting her and everyone around her in danger.

I was extremely disappointed to see that Ressler wasn’t in a single scene of the promo for “Dr. Adrian Shaw”, so it looks like he’s going to be set aside as a background character once again for this episode. I’m hoping that once the whole conflict between Red, Liz, and Kirk is solved, time can be devoted to other characters like Ressler, Samar, Aram, and Cooper.

The promo also didn’t suggest that we would be getting an update on Mr. Kaplan’s situation, but the trailer for “The Thrushes” last week didn’t show her either, and we were actually given a significant update on what her kidnappers motives were, and what was going to happen to her. I swear if Red doesn’t come in guns blazing to save her, I’m going to harbor resentment towards him forever.

Here’s the synopsis and trailer for “Dr. Adrian Shaw” to get us prepared for the episode tonight.


The Task Force is assigned to pursue an individual who supplies fugitives with new identities; Alexander Kirk’s health declines as a result of his medical condition; Liz asks Cooper for advice on a serious decision.


The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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