The Walking Dead 7×03 Preview Guide: The Cell

As much I want Negan to die, Dwight’s a close second. In The Walking Dead‘s The Cell we get a little more backstory on the jerk that tried to escape from Negan, got help from Daryl, and then turned around and betrayed our archer. He even stole Daryl’s bike and crossbow! That and the fact he killed Denise, leaves Dwight in a sweet spot where we want him dead ASAP.

If that’s not enough, Dwight’s going to participate in trying to break Daryl and make him join the Saviors. There’s only way out of this and Dwight’s clearly chosen his side. Makes you wonder if his wife Sherry shares the same values and will leave Daryl to rot in Savior prison.

Here’s hoping Carol comes and rescues him!

The Walking Dead (7×03) “The Cell”

Sunday, November 6th at 9/8c


We’re introduced to a completely new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seems to have it all… for a price.

Trending Topics and Things to Note
  • Dwight shows Daryl, Negan’s ways and strength.
  • Negan tries to break Dwight. Surprise, he can’t!
  • Dwight wears an ugly ass sweatshirt! This is the real crime of the apocalypse.
  • Sherry, Dwight’s wife, warns that there is more when it comes to Negan.
  • When is Negan going to visit Alexandria?
  • When will Maggie make her big move?
Trailers & Sneak Peeks

Who We Want to Die
  1. Negan
  2. Dwight
  3. Anyone who talks bad about Jerry

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c.

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