NFL Week 9 Winners and Losers

The playoff picture is looking strange – but hey, at least we have some idea, perhaps, maybe of who we might be seeing come January.

The Patriots and the Cowbys are still ahead of  the pack. The Raiders are leading arguably the best division in football, no one seems to want to win the AFC North and the Browns and the 49ers are fighting for that first pick.

Let’s examine this week’s winners and losers and see where your team ends up.


Ezekiel Elliott: He’s lighting it up. Fans in Dallas are excited, the team is playing great and the future is bright. Or, is it?

Parity: With so many teams close to .500 and only two teams with a 7-1 record, one team with no wins and one with one win, it really does seem like everyone’s got a chance this year.

Jason Witten: Too old? Not as good? Witten proved everyone wrong this week.

The Kansas City Chiefs: They’re 6-2. They’re not scaring anyone, but hey, they’re 6-2. That counts for something.


Ezekiel Elliott: But allegations of domestic violence have surfaced this week and now it’s up to the NFL to do something. Or not.

The Pittsburgh Steelers: Playing Big Ben seemed like a no-brainer, but with a mostly ineffective offense for most of the game, did Big Ben really give them the best chance to win?

Jared Goff: Why isn’t he on the field at this point? Is he really that bad?

The Minnesota Vikings: So they’re not as good as we thought. Story of the year.


Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers.  Well, he’s not looking like a bust these days, is he?


Donald Stephenson, Denver Broncos. Khalil Mack beat him over and over again. Want to know why the Broncos are losing close games? It’s not just on the QB.

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