Zayn Malik Breaks His Silence

Zayn Malik has broken his silence.

As anticipated for months, after it was announced that Malik would be penning an autobiography, it seems that he has set tongues wagging over details of behind the scenes of the worlds biggest band. And, it would seem, Malik didn’t feel particularly supported during this time.

Malik states that he felt ‘creatively ignored during his time in the band…and to make things worse, he felt trapped which forced his exit from the group that left fans shocked and in mourning.  Feeling his creative work was neglected, Zayn admitted that often his contributions would give way to the “bubble gum pop” that the band was known for. This in turn prompted his departure from the band in March 2015, and his signing a solo deal with RCA.

But beyond creatively, Zayn admits he was blind to what was to come in his life. Looking back, he admits he wished he had done more research, and had a few more years of anonymity.

I suppose hindsight is 20/20, but with a successful solo album, it would seem that all things worked out for the best for Malik.

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