Wattpad Writer Wednesday with @kevinaoyaetdor

In the post Wattys season glow, we continue to bring you interviews with awesome Wattpaders who are destined for greatness. Many of these writers are active within the Wattpad community, and even beyond their incredible writing abilities, their love for all things written is evident.

This week, meet @kevinaoyatedor

When did you start on Wattpad?

November 2011, active November 2013

What made decide to start posting your work on Wattpad?

I saw online about Nanowrimo and serialization your word count during 2013 Wattpad is everywhere. I had a story that I was desperate to finish since I was 17 in my composition journal. Seeing Beth Reekles had her start on Wattpad, inspired me to write as well.

What made Wattpad the best outlet for your writing?

I’ve been searching for websites to share the stories I’ve been creating. Fanfiction, Hubpages, Readwave and Fiction net have helped but most have been short stories. With Wattpad and reading these amazing stories I gave it a go. It was a slow start because I had no idea what to say or even promote my story. I was so shy to talk to popular authors or even interact with anyone, writing was the key for me to get it all out so I can plot more books.

Why is it that you write?

I love it! I’m inspired by anything: from what my mom said to me to a scene in a T.V. show or movie. A unique story I can create for anyone that would read it.

Do you want to be an author?

I do. I would love to see amazon or Target selling my books but I can’t reach so far for the stars lol. Or at least an editor.

If you could give any advice to a Wattpad Writer what would it be?

Keep writing, plotting and creating.

What Fandom do you think you could never write about?

One Direction and Supernatural. I recently started binging on the entire series. I’m obsessed with both of the Winchester brothers yes but I don’t think I can write a great story for it except Dean and Sam falling for me.

Like Supernatural I just got into 1D late 2014. They are gorgeous and funny but I can’t really write one that’s unique because i feel I read most unique great ones online. I do have a celebrity fanfiction, Harry and Liam are in it but not celebrities.

What fandom would you want to write about?

The Flash! Barry Allen is such a babe and i ship him and Iris so hard. The chemistry between them is hot, their friendship is goofy and fun. I’m learning more about The Flash through forums and YouTube videos.

Who are your favorite published authors

J.S Cooper, E.L Todd, Colleen Hoover, Anna Todd, Jessica Wood, Cassia Leo, Addison Moore, Kendall Ryan, Jasinda Wilder, Tamara Black, Lauren Blakely, Laurelin Paige, Kate J. Squires, Erin Latimer, Michelle Jo Quinn, Monica Murphy, Ysa Arcangel, Melody Grace, Monica Sanz, Victoria Scott. So much more!!

What is the best comment you’ve ever gotten from a reader?

One of the best is from my older stories Jordan. I don’t think the person is on anymore but they gave me constructive criticism and still loved the book.

Who are your favorite Wattpad writers?

worldgirlalways, taliaarcher, taintedrain, donotmicrowave, ysaarcangel, jordanlynde, fallondemornay, tamoja, tymunro, teenagexnightmare, thesilentwriter23, rebeccasky, ldcritchton, mcromances, thecheatersclub, distantdreamer, hepburnettes, 3point14, jessgirl93, lyssfrom1996, sarahbensonbooks, sweetdreamer33, dalainadreams, jr0127, uniquealexj, xxmopelxx, xxnixonxx, yabookprincess, michellezdong, mikaelny, dipthewick, astheticxvibes, shaunallen, krazydiamond, lucyface, michellejoquinn, lavinialeigh, misswarrenwrites, hyrule, sweetangelx, johannahefer, katejsquires, knightsrachel, tahliapurvis, bellahiggin, writersblockinmyhead, nightclubs, there’s a lot more lol

** reporters note…way too many to link, sorry lol **

Tell us a story you have written that you are proud of and why people should read it.

11559315-368-k820420I’m really proud of ‘They Don’t Know About Us‘. It’s flawed in writing, grammar filled and I’m changing up some things in editing but I really loved writing it. Charlie and Hannah having a secret relationship, I got emotional when writing their break up scene. It got some buzz on Wattpad before because readers thought it was a 1D fanfic because of the title but I named it after a Mariah Carey song. I realized my mistake that her song is called ‘Don’t Forget About Us.’ I still loved the title because it fit the plot

Do you ever write from experience?

Some is from experience. My short story My Junk is from when I flashed my breasts in a pool. Most of the protagonists family members are inspired by mine with personality changes.

Have you made friends from being a writer on wattpad?

Starting out I was afraid to follow or chat with anyone because I thought no one would notice me. I then read message boards about wattpaders online chatting on forums and Twitter. The Wattpad Squad, Wattpadres, Wattpad4, RomanceSparks, Romance Anthologies, Tenibris Somnia, wattmag magazine, I’ve reached over 1,000 followers recently and I love them all so much!

Wha11312577-368-k956929t is your most well known story and why do you think it is popular?

My most popular is ‘Road Trip Girls.’ it reached over 80,000 reads, Wattpad added it to their Spring Break reading list. I think it’s popular because it’s a story about friendship and closure with one of the girl characters getting over a breakup after finding out her boyfriend was cheating.

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