The Blacklist 4×08 Preview Guide: “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion”

Tonight is “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion” the fall finale. Are you guys ready? As long time viewers of the show know, the finales are usually filled with pain. Either someone experiences a tragic loss, someone is badly injured, or someone dies. I always hope that it’s none of the above, but that probably won’t happen, especially since the fight with Kirk is coming to a close. There’s no way all of our favorites are getting out of this one unharmed. We already saw that Red was being tortured by Kirk in the preview, so it’s going to be a tough one to get through.

There are a lot of things I’m hoping for from this episode. For one, Red needs to do something to totally redeem himself in the eyes of the viewers. His actions this season have been incredibly problematic, and that needs to change. The best way to do that would be to have him rescue Mr. Kaplan. She’s been stuck in her kidnapper’s cabin for a long while now, and it’s time for Red to check on what happened to her. I’m hoping that we finally get to see Kaplan escape from the cabin tonight, so she can get to safety and make Red pay for what he did. Another thing I’m hoping for is that the question: “Is Red Liz’s father?” will finally once and for all be answered. This question has been asked since the beginning of the show. Answers have been teased, they have been given and taken away, and it is time for us to know for sure.

Above all, I hope that this really is the end of Kirk. With him around, Liz has not been herself. She has chosen to protect him, and help him for no reason other than “he might be her father”. We all know Liz is fiercely intelligent, but so far this season, that hasn’t really been part of her character. One final thing I am excited for is that it looks like there is a lot more Ressler and Samar in “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion”. From the promo photos, they seem to be a vital part of the episode, mainly interrogating prisoners and gathering information.

We all know that this episode is going to be brutal, but remember, I’m here for you to vent whatever feelings you have after “Dr Adrian Shaw: Conclusion” tonight. Here are the synopsis and trailer to make sure we’re prepared for what’s coming.


Red pressures Dr. Shaw to locate a former patient. Meanwhile, Liz mulls over her connection to an increasingly desperate and lethal Alexander Kirk, and Kaplan comes to an important realization about the future.


The Blacklist Airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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