Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson Join Forces

Well, it looks like Liam Payne’s solo album is getting a little 1D infusion with the help of former bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

The two have penned previous tracks together for One Directions own music over the years, but now as the band is on hiatus and each is working on individual projects, fans were left without their dynamic duo of song writing. Well, fear not, as it seems they have rekindled their musical romance to write for Liam’s upcoming solo effort.

The song, called “Something That Scares Me About Love”, was registered in late October with the two listed as authors. Of course, the fandom was more than a little excited to see the two back together in the studio.

Now, it is only speculation at this point that the track will be for Paynes solo album…for all we know, it could be for another music hitmaker. But the idea of Liam singing something in his solo work written by his 1D bestie is just too good to give up on…

Cant wait to hear what the two have come up with!

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