Conviction 01×05 Review: 'The 1 Percent Solution'

News broke this week that ABC has cancelled Conviction, meaning that they will only air the 13 episodes that they already ordered instead of creating a full season. And while I haven’t been exactly glowing of the series in my reviews I did think it had potential and it’s sad to think that won’t be given the chance to play out.
This week’s episode, ‘The 1 Percent Solution’ comes in the aftermath of the previous episode where Hayes Morrison admitted onscreen that it was her privilege and connections that got her out of jail and instead of convicted, given a top job. The fall out meant that Hayes’ brother, Jackson had thrown her out of their apartment and was not talking to, and the relationship between Hayes and Wallace was strained too.

(ABC/Sven Frenzel)
(ABC/Sven Frenzel)

Because she likes her cases to make a statement, Hayes was going for more of poor vs. rich angle and the team takes on the case of a man from the wrong sides of the tracks who was accused of killing a wealthy woman who had helped him through her charity. It was an interesting case that showed a deeper level of digging into the lives of the victim and the perpetrator than we’ve seen before, it almost felt reminiscent of an episode of The Mentalist. It was also different in that the police had gotten one of the perpetrators of the crime right, but they discovered that the woman’s son was also complicit in the crime. It had the background of a forbidden romance between the two boys and the mother who did not approve of her son being in love with someone from the wrong side of the tracks. The perfect balance between romance and crime.
(ABC/Sven Frenzel)
(ABC/Sven Frenzel)

On the romance front, Hayes and Wallace are still at odds after she admitted that he helped her get out of jail for cocaine possession, but Hayes’ mother urges her to tell him how she feels about him. But when they eventually get to talking at the end of the episode, she learns that he has brought in outside counsel to help him with the Department of Justice Investigation which happens to be both Hayes and Wallace’s ex-girlfriend, Naomi Golden.
Even though the news of the show’s cancellation leaves a dark cloud hanging over it, I do feel as if every week the cases become more interesting and the characters more intriguing. I want to know if Hayes’ mother wins the Senate election (an uplifting moment after the elections?). What did happen between Hayes and Wallace in Chicago? Is it going to happen again? I hope most of these questions will be answered by the 13th episode.
Conviction airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC


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