The Walking Dead Preview Guide: Service

Negan’s unexpected visit in The Walking Dead‘s “Service” is all about mind games. He plays by his own rules and changes them as he pleases. He’s going to keep you on your toes! That’s why he brings Daryl along, the brave warrior, turned into a meek version of himself. And that’s why he’s going to make an example of someone inside of Alexandria. To teach, to play mind games, to have them fear him so they can serve him.

What a bastard.

This 90 minute episode will surely leave us shaking like a leaf like the Season 6 finale did. Negan’s goons will invade the place we’ve come to call home in Alexandria and tear away the feeling of safety this place has given them all in the apocalypse. And soon enough, those that didn’t experience Negan’s wrath, will learn that some monsters are not rotting away and ready to eat you. Some monsters are human and happen to have stubble game and a killer smile to match.

The Walking Dead (7×04) Service

Sunday, November 13th at 9/8c


Alexandria gets a sobering visit.

Trending Topics and Things to Note
  • This week’s episode is 90 minutes long.
  • Daryl has come along with Negan, as an example of his power.
  • Negan’s going to sit down for some lemonade with Olivia. But why?
  • Michonne doesn’t seem to want to play by the rules, stealing weapons and hiding it from Rick.
  • Rick has been cowed by Negan. What will it take to scare the rest of them? Another death?
  • With all the killing that Negan does, because Lucille is thirsty, it makes you wonder…WHO CLEANS HER?! Does he bring this person with him on every run?
Trailers & Sneak Peeks

Who We Want to Die in Service:
  1. Negan & Lucille.
  2. Dwight
  3. Negan’s goons.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c.

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