Olly Murs and Niall Horan to Take their Bromance to the Studio?

It is no secret that Olly Murs and 1D Irishman Niall Horan are something of besties. The two have been for years, posting selfies together on Instagram, getting in a game of golf or two, and even doing interviews together. So it should come as no surprise that Murs would love to collaborate with Horan in the studio

Already a fan of Horans debut solo single ‘This Town’ Olly said he would love to take a little studio time with his bestie.

“I’ve heard some of Niall’s music and I’m really proud of him. He’s found his own identity and style, and as his mate I’m really chuffed. I’d love to write a track with him or get into the studio together to see what we could come up with.”

Now, the productivity of these two in the studio may be questionable, because lets no honest, there would probably be some pints, some Guinness, and a whole lot of laughs involved. But, hopefully a stellar track or two that might find their way onto Horans solo album, due some time next year.

We know we are in full support of this endeavor, and if the lads need someone to…i dont know bring them beer or something while they stir up musical genius, I am totally available.

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