The Rise of Brunette Niall Horan

Remember the days in the 1D fandom when we would wonder what our lovely Irishman Niall Horan would look like if he let his blonde locks return to their natural brown hue? Edits and manips were made to speculate his appearance, a few little ‘oh he would look so good’ comments, but for the 5 years of 1D we have only seen the blonde…

Well, it looks like along with working on a solo album, Nialler is also changing his look to go along with his new gig. And we strongly approve.

3a69879300000578-3941076-image-m-14_1479283814965Making an appearance at the Jaguar Private Unveil event, There is virtually no blonde to be seen in Niallers locks, while he is looking mighty fit on the red carpet sporting jeans and a maroon sweater.

Maybe the hair change is a way of shedding his boyband persona, as he sets his sights on solo stardom. Niall is set to perform his solo track ‘This Town’ at the American Music Awards this Sunday, and while this is an exciting opportunity for any artist, it might be a little awkward as former bandmate Zayn Malik is also scheduled to attend. This would be the first time the ex-mates were to attend the same event, and after Maliks less than positive portrayal of the 1D camp post departure, it leaves fans wondering how the meeting will go if the two cross paths.

I suppose time will tell, and I for one am looking forward the seeing Niall make his world debut!

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