The Royals: We Finally Get A Look At Prince Robert!

It’s almost December 4th and we’re looking for it for one reason and one reason only – the return of The Royals. We’re ready for the chaos of the British Monarchy (it’s a fake one, but we’re okay with that), but we are so looking forward to this.

We thought that Mark Schwan would make us suffer and have to wait til like mid-season to see the return of Prince Robert. You may remember at the end of last season we saw him on the beach and realized he hadn’t passed away. We’re wondering how he has survived on a beach for so long. I mean he’s gotta be hungry and talk about a sun burn.

But I am sure that we are missing something.

We’re hoping that Robert comes back and puts Cyrus in his place. Seriously, can anyone figure out why Helena worked with him?

The character of Robert has been pivotal in the series – he’s literally catapulted everything that has happened. If Prince Liam is the people’s Prince – we’re wondering what Robert is. We can’t wait to see Max Brown portray him.

We can’t wait to see his return to England, when The Royals returns to E! on December 4th.

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