Supergirl 2×06 Roundtable: 'Changing'

A new season of Supergirl means a new season of roundtables where Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lizzie, and Lyra discuss the hot topics from every Supergirl episode.

In the sixth episode of Supergirl‘s second season, Alex brought us all to tears with her emotional and honest coming out to Kara. Meanwhile, Mon-El contemplated his heroic future and James took center stage as Guardian.

What were your overall thoughts on “Changing?”

Alyssa: Supergirl is one of those shows this season that has been fire every single episode. There has yet to be an episode that has been a letdown. Each and every one has been so important in terms of these characters or issues that we all face. With that said, “Changing was a fantastic episode that really tugged on your heartstrings and refused to let go. It was inspiring for each and every one of these characters and even for us, the audience. Of course the most talked about aspect of the episode was Alex’s coming out to Kara, which both addressed the issue in a poignant way and also stayed very true to her character and her character’s emotional arc. Then you had the heroic stories of Mon-El and James, who were both very new at this hero thing. Mon-El was reluctant to step into the role of hero while James was a little too eager to do so. Supergirl is a show that I know won’t let me down this season because everything this season has been nearly flawless. The only episode that might suffer is this crossover episode because then it infuses two shows that haven’t necessarily been good this season.

Lizzie: It was a good episode. No, wait; it was a real good episode. Supergirl keeps raising the bar, and now they’ve not just surpassed all other DCTV shows, they’re improving upon each week. The Alex storyline was poignant and moving, her relationship with Kara was portrayed perfectly, Mon-El has turned into the kind of guy we can root for and even James, who I have never liked, is sorta becoming a hero. Right now Supergirl has no weak spots, I like everyone and I’m interested in all the pieces of the puzzle. Amazing.

Lyra: I gotta second what Lizzie said. Supergirl keeps raising the bar every week by finding new ways to connect with it’s audience and exceeding my expectations because of it. Each character is getting a moment to shine and further develop their story without dragging the whole show down. Every episode is further proof that they’ve finally found a balance where characters drive plot and that I want to erase season one from my memory and make this season one.

This week we really got to see an honest portrayal of Alex’s coming out to Kara. What were your thoughts on that storyline?

Alyssa: Despite the fact that there are aliens in Supergirl — and that our hero is one — this is a show that feels so very real in the emotional elements it manages to hit week after week. Alex’s coming out has been one of those emotional arcs that has really established Supergirl as this superhero show with heart, which is the very best that you can be. My favorite thing about Alex’s coming out to Kara was that it was so very honest and genuine that it didn’t feel like I was watching actors bring a script to life. It was so very reminiscent of what happens in real life every day. Alex hasn’t had her own storylines minus Kara dating back to last season, but this story is only about her. Alex finally has a storyline that is all about her and not her and the hero. But it was nice that Kara was a part of this moment for her without being the defining part of it.

Lizzie: I cried. I did, like a baby, not at the end, but at Kara’s conversation with Alex where Kara admits it’s been all about her for too long, and she felt guilty/disappointed in herself for never making it clear to Alex that she could come to Kara with this, and with everything. It was such an honest response, and it made her earlier hesitation understandable. And that’s why I liked it, in a way, because it sorta removed Kara from the equations. We handled her doubts, and they were the focus for 0.2 seconds. The best part about this storyline, about the rest of the episode, about what’s happened beforehand, is that it’s all about Alex, not about Alex and Kara. It’s about Alex’s fears and Alex’s sense of self and what she found within herself. It’s not even about Maggie, even if Alex would have wanted it to be. And that’s a powerful message to send.

Lyra: I’m over the moon that Supergirl didn’t just write off Alex’s coming out as a one scene, cliched trope. They stretched it out and made it have dimensions and moments that left us appreciating the relationship these two women have even more so than ever before. Coming out to family isn’t something that gets dropped and everything is magically understood or fixed. Like life, it’s messy and comes in at it’s own pace over time. Moreover, Alex’s response to this new discovery about herself and the way she shared it with Kara, made her relatable to so many out there. We stumble, we fear, we want everything to be ok, and we hope that our loved ones still remain our loved ones after they’re told the truth. Alex feels real.

James made his official debut as Guardian this week and saved the day. What do you think about James and Winn choosing to keep their superhero escapades a secret from Kara?

Alyssa: I mean, we all knew this was coming, right? What’s a superhero show without a hidden secret identity? I’m surprised at how much I’m liking this storyline with James at the center. But perhaps it’s that it also includes Winn and really allows for some great partnership between these two. I love how Supergirl made it clear that both James and Winn are heroes. More than that, I love how Winn was the one to point it out. You don’t need to kick physical ass to be a superhero. Winn does it every day from behind a computer. I love this team-up between the two, which should really make for some great scenes. As far as Kara being kept out of the loop, I understand where they’re coming from. I also understand how pissed off Kara is going to be that they kept it from her. And Kara doesn’t get pissed off. But watching these two try and explain their random departures to go fight crime is going to be hilarious.

Lizzie:I think Kara’s obviously going to find out sooner rather than later, but I’m okay with them trying to make that be later. I think the story-line works well because it’s about both of them, because, despite the fact that, at some point, these two were vying for Kara’s affections, they were always friends and it shows. It’s genuine. It also gives both Winn and Kara a storyline separate from her, which is good. Even if this show is all about Kara, it shouldn’t be ALL about Kara.

Lyra: The Guardian was kind of a cool flip to an idea I never thought would apply to James. He’s a hero. Take a moment to process that fact. A hero that I didn’t hate or wish death upon as soon as he entered the scene. His suit was practical, not overwhelming, and looked way better than those photos being released in the last couple weeks. Back to the hiding it from Kara. While I would love for Kara to be told, cuz communication is key for any working relationship, this is James journey. Really James and Winn’s journey. They’ve always felt left out, yet helpful, at Kara’s side. Not saying that it’s Kara’s fault at all that they feel left out. They just want to be capable enough to have Kara’s back like she’s had there’s and to make a difference like she does.

While we’re still on James, can we talk about how he got the suit that John Diggle deserves? I appreciate Cisco’s efforts but John has other essential organs that need protecting, not just his pretty face and buff arms. The people on Arrow are facing new and strange threats nowadays. Maybe a suit like James would better help John protect his life, family, and city. Oh yeah and fight off those aliens in the 100th episode of Arrow!

This week was a telling one for Mon-El, who appeared to not want to be a hero in the slightest. But he soon realized that he did in fact want to help people. What are your thoughts on his journey, and what’s going to happen now that he’s been kidnapped by Cadmus?

Alyssa: I love how much depth they’re giving to Mon-El this season. He wasn’t the typical antagonist. He wasn’t the typical alien that doesn’t want to help people. He’s a character that’s conflicted and it shows. He’s someone who’s good, who wants to do good, but was having some trouble getting there. But all it took was some soul searching — after a stern talking to from Alex — to really light a fire under Mon-El’s ass. I love how Mon-El struggled as this reluctant hero because heroes aren’t born they’re made. You don’t just say, I’m going to be a hero, and be one. You need to understand why you’re fighting. And Mon-El used this hour to really do that. So of course Supergirl had to take him from me as Cadmus kidnapped him in the final moments. While I’m pretty sure Mon-El will pull throught this (series regular status, you know), it’ll be interesting to really get a glimpse at what Cadmus is. Because now that Cadmus has Mon-El, Supergirl and co. are going to have to journey into Cadmus to get him back. And who knows what we’ll find. Like say, Jeremiah Danvers?

Lizzie: Superboy, here we come! I mean, I know that much from the comics …that was always the destination. And though comics are rarely straightforward/there always seems to be more than one version of every characters/origin story, I think they’re probably going to use Cadmus to make Mon-El Superboy. And, at this point, after this episode, I’m ready for it. I like Mon-El. I think he’s adorable, I think he’s handsome, I think he’s nice, and I think he’s got chemistry with just about everyone he’s interacted with on the show. I look forward to him being around for a long, long time.

Lyra: Angst, people! It’s on the horizon for our Mon-El. Fresh off the hero high he got tased and bagged by those Cadmus losers. (Yes, I said losers. After that CGI they used, you can’t expect much from them past Windows 98.) Mon-El’s resilience, hope, and future with be tested in the coming couple of episodes. He’s just found something good about himself and seen a glimpse of his future. Either he let’s Cadmus take it or he becomes stronger and fights. My money’s on the latter.

J’Onn was in pretty bad shape at one point, and M’Gann had to help with a blood transfusion to save his life. Only no one knows that she’s a White Martian and not a Green Martian. Do you think there will be any effects from this? What do you think about M’Gann’s intentions?

Alyssa: There has to be consequences, right? We saw a glimpse of it when J’Onn’s hands were shaking. I don’t know anything about these two martian races, but something tells me that — because of M’Gann’s insistence she not do the transfusion — that something is going to happen as a result. Whether that he gets sick or it changes him somehow. I’m afraid to see what effect it does have. As for her intentions, I think that she’s proven to us, the audience, that she isn’t evil. She’s someone who seems genuine, who seems caring, who just happens to be a White Martian. It’s important because of the stereotypes we face in our own world. Just because there are bad people from a certain race doesn’t make the entire race evil. M’Gann just feels like a victim of that. She’s also shown that she does care about J’Onn, which is why she at first refused to do it and then did it because there was no other option.

Lizzie: Oh, yes. We already saw glimpses of it when she focused on his hand shaking. This is going to be a thing. But then again, what could she do? I don’t think she’s a bad person, I think she’s afraid and confused and I think sooner, rather than later, the fact that she’s a White Martian is going to come to light. And then we’re going to deal with both of their issues. Boy, are we.

Lyra: Honestly, I was waiting for the moment where M’Gann revealed her dark and sinister plan to kill J’Onn. It really surprised me that she went through with giving J’Onn her blood. She cares. She doesn’t want to, hates herself for what she is, and feels like she knows in her heart that he would abandon her if he finds out she’s a White Martian. M’Gann asked him to forgive her because she knows, that in saving him, she has changed him. He will no longer be a Green Martian. He’ll be something more that just so happens to be closer to the creatures that destroyed his family and his entire world.

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