Wattpad Teams With Universal Cable Productions To Develop Content for TV

We’re huge fans of Wattpad and spend a lot of time on there – reading the latest and the greatest. We’re not ashamed of it – not all talented writers are published by traditional means. Today, we’re even more excited for those talented writers and Wattpad. Why you ask? We’ll tell you.

Wattpad has teamed up with Universal Cable Productions to develop original content for TV.

“At UCP we’re always looking for ways to find untapped, unsigned, talent and budding writers from around the U.S. and world. Enter Wattpad – an amazing global storyteller platform that not only allows us access to great stories, but also real time data on what is trending, shared, reviewed and resonating with readers,” said Dawn Olmstead, Executive Vice President of Development for Universal Cable Productions. “Aron and his team manage a virtual fountain of story with great aplomb and we’re excited to dive into their content.”

Wattpad has such great talent that we’re stoked for the possibilities. There are many stories on Wattpad that deserve to be made and for people to partake in the greatness of. With 2.3 million monthly storytellers and more than 300 million original stories – Wattpad has a plethora of greatness to choose from.

“We’ve teamed up with Universal Cable Productions to co-produce television content that drives tune in from day one. Wattpad data will help spot compelling stories with massive built-in audiences, and fans will influence the development process,” said Head of Wattpad Studios Aron Levitz. “There’s no place for hunches and guesses when it comes to content development these days. Data- and community-driven entertainment is the future, and Wattpad Studios is leading the way.”

What stories on Wattpad would you want to see on TV?

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