The Walking Dead 7×06 Preview Guide: Swear

We’re getting another group centric episode in The Walking Dead‘s “Swear.” Tara and Heath will be featured and we’ll finally get to see what happened to them during their supply run. Not so surprisingly, Heath wants to give up and go back home.

*deep sigh* It’s not that I don’t care for Tara and Heath. I want to know what they’ve been up to since Negan’s attack. It’s just getting a bit tiresome watching The Walking Dead start storylines and then make us wait weeks until they return to them. Knowing the kind of person that I am, there’s no doubt that I’ll forget details by the time we return to Hilltop or Alexandria, and be forced to watch the episode again.

Crazy thing is that I love this show so much that I will watch every episode over and over until I remember all the details. Damn you, The Walking Dead. You’ve got an iron grip on my soul!

The Walking Dead (7×06) Swear

Sunday, November 27th at 9/8c


A new community is discovered.

Things To Keep An Eye Out For in Swear:
  1. How did Tara end up washed up on shore?
  2. The community they end up encountering is NOT the Whisperers.
  3. If anyone’s gonna die, it’s Heath.
Trailers & Sneak Peeks

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c.

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