Daddy Direction to Become a Literally Daddy?

Well, it looks like the cat might be out of the bag…or in this case, the bump out of hiding…

1129-liam-payne-and-cheryl-cole-pregnant-mega-3There has been no shortage of rumors surrounding the possibility of Cheryl FV and Liam Payne expecting a child in the near future. Pictures that hinted to a bump, friends of friends of the couple stating that they are over the moon with excitement. But still, nothing has been officially confirmed by the couple themselves, or their reps.


Well the photos that have surfaced this week make it rather difficult to hide, and in turn, no doubt the reps are starting to have to put together statements. Images showing a definitive baby bump and a fuller faced Cheryl, with Liam at her side, make it almost impossible to chalk the change up to a love of pizza or a little water weight.

cheryl-cole-liam-payne-112916-1480455952-620x413Showing up hand in hand to the St James Christmas Carol Concert in London, Cheryl sported a bump flaunting olive green dress, that left very little to the imagination if one was trying to dispel rumors of a possibly pregnancy. Although, they havent really been trying to deny it, as no one has made any actual statement on the never ending rumors which began over two months ago.

Personally, I think Payno will be a wonderful dad, and wish them both all the best. I guess its time to go baby clothes shopping, Directioners…we can pick up the pint of ice cream to console ourselves afterwards.

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