Five New Ships that gave us FEELS in 2016

Sometimes you watch a TV show and you fall in love. Not in love in love with a person, because, duh, as much as they might feel like it, the people on our screen aren’t real, but with an idea, a character, a relationship. Often, the relationship we fall for is a romantic one.

Now, falling for a relationship isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It doesn’t mean you want one (or both) of these characters for yourself, it means you want them together. Preferably happy. Thriving. Overcoming obstacles – as a couple.

Sex, age, ethnicity, none of it matters. All if matters is that you’re in love with how these two characters are written, how they relate, what they bring out in each other.

Every year, it happens. You watch a new show and you think ….hmmm …I might like these two together. And then you watch more. Maybe they screw it up and you stop watching. Or maybe they don’t. Maybe they hook you in. Maybe they give you FEELS.

These is our list of the new couples that have given us FEELS this year. May they continue:

  1. Queen Elizabeth/Prince Phillip, The Crown

It feels weird to ship a real-life couple, but it also feels kind of safe. We, after all, already know how the story will end – or in this case, not end. It’s been forever and a half and they’re still together and happy. We know they’re all kinds of ENDAGME. Now we just get to enjoy the journey.

  1. Raimy/Daniel, Frequency

They were together, and then they were not, but where they fated to be together? Can they stop running into each other? Can Raimy give up on the one thing she had on the previous timeline that really, really made her happy? Odds are this couple is going to get way more complicated before they get anything like together-together, but we never said we weren’t suckers for a little angst. As long as the writing works, we’re here for the suffering.

  1. Mike/Ginny, Pitch

Sure, Ginny had a crush on him since she was a kid, but this relationship is not about a star struck little girl in love with her idol, no. This is about two people who found each other in a moment in their lives where the feelings they have for each other might be inconvenient, but who couldn’t help those feelings anyway. This is about equals giving what the other needs in a relationship. This is about caring, and understanding and support, 100% of the time. And this is about being teammates, on the field and off.

  1. Alex/Maggie, Supergirl

This is just like a regular story, girl-meets-girl, girl likes girl but thinks girl doesn’t like girls in general. But then girl helps other girl come to a realization about herself – she does like girls! In fact, she likes girl most of all. Of course, girl then runs scared, because what do you do when you get everything you wanted? We’ve seen it a million times – we just haven’t seen it like this. And what makes it different is not that they’re two girls, that’s a wonderful talking point and a non-issue at the same time, it’s that the writing has made both their journeys real. And we relate. We feel things. We feel ALL the things.

  1. Lucy/Wyatt, Timeless

The world changes in an instant. And sometimes you change with it, but other times you don’t. Other times you’re left standing, wondering how the hell you’re going to get through the changes. And through it all, through time travel and loss, Lucy and Wyatt have each other – will have each other, in even more intimate ways. For now, it’s enough that they need each other, they depend on each other, and they fight for each other. Tooth and nail. The rest? The rest will come, as surely as their world will continue to change.

Agree? Disagree? Have another new couple that gave you FEELS in 2016? Share with us in the comments below!

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