Geeky Gift Guides: 14 Gifts For The Shadowhunters Fan In Your Life

Geeky Gift Guides are continuing today and we don’t know about you, but we’re planning out our shopping lists. Today we’re bringing you a gift guide for the Shadowhunters fan in your life. While we’re sure that your fan may have a favorite character and a favorite ship – we’ve tried to keep this as general as possible to encompass all.

Except the heels – cause hey – who doesn’t deserve a good pair of heels.


Seven Inch Heels

Everything is better in heels right? We wouldn’t know as we’re all about our flats and comfort. But we do love a good heel and if you are a fan of Izzy, you do too. But Izzy wouldn’t go half ass and we wouldn’t expect you too either. So spring for a pair of Christian Louboutin’s.

We would if we could afford them. This is like the dream shoe. The one that you need if you are channeling your inner Izzy.

angelic_rune_the_shadowhunters__99689__21248-1464609133-1280-1280 Phone Case.

While we’re waiting for a Lumee case with a rune – we’re on the look out for other cute cases to show off our Shadowhunter pride. We’re all about it.

Shade You has these cute cases with the Angelic Rune on it. It comes in either white or black back ground for an array of phones.

Which shade would you choose?

runecuffap_1024x1024 Shadowhunter Jewelry

One can never have too much jewelry. At least we can’t. We may not be drawing runes on our body, but we will rock them on some cute pieces of jewelry.

From rings to keychains to necklaces and more – you can find everything you want on Hebel Design.

Our favorite piece? The Parabati quote pendant or the angelic rune keychains.

ts11p05kblk_zoom_f_1 Leather Jacket

If you are a Shadowhunter – hell, even if you are not – one should always have an amazing leather jacket. It should be a wardrobe staple. And if you don’t wear leather, there is nothing wrong with a good faux one.

Since we’re huge fans of Top Shop, we’re loving this jacket, but you can find them at all different price points across the web.

50299883 Art Kits

I can’t channel my inner artist – probably cause she lives no where inside of me. Like I just don’t have an artist’s bone in my body.

But if you are channeling your inner Clary Fray, you need to make sure that you can draw. We’re liking this Art 101 kit from Target.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-8-12-05-pmShadowhunter Water Bottle

We’re all about doing good for the earth and that means watching our footprint and minimizing our use of plastic bottles. At least the ones that are not refillable.

We’ve got the sass of a Herondale, so this water bottle fit our needs. We’re pretty sure that we couldn’t train like a Herondale – cause we’ve seen the Instagrams of the cast working out and well…  we’re too lazy for that.

all-shadowhunter-books-upcoming-projects-464352Cassie Clare Books

If you are a fan of Shadowhunters, you should know all the stories. If you don’t – then you are missing out.

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy is Cassie’s latest book and we love it cause we get to learn more about Simon. Lord of Shadows is out next year and we’re on the edge of our seats wanting to read that.

You can get the complete collection of The Mortal Instruments series – which is guaranteed to tug at your heart strings.

And if you really want your heart to be destroyed – pick up The Infernal Devices series.

clace-a17-prints Duvet Cover

Why not praise your ship – or you know, sleep with it? I think part of the fun of us having a down comforter is easily being able to switch stuff out.

Whatever your ship – Malec, Clace, Sizzy – there is a duvet for that.

There are plenty of different duvet covers on Society 6 – some for every fandom.


Shadowhunters Funko’s

While Funko does not have an official Shadowhunters line, but leave it to the fans to make sure that there are custom ones.

We’re loving HavenThornCustoms dolls. They make these amazing dolls. Their etsy shop is filled with everyone from Magnus to Alec, Clary to Izzy, Simon to Jace.

You’ll wanna make sure that you pick up the wedding edition of Malec.

il_570xn-1138521201_5aa5Idris Shirt

Who doesn’t want to sport their school pride? We do… only Idris isn’t real Yet, we would gladly slap on this shirt or you know a hoodie in a heart beat.

We’re wondering what kind of classes Idris University offers. Is this like Intro to being a Shadowhunter, a class on Izzy, the history of The Circle. Sign us up!

il_570xn-1001115876_r0uzMatthew Daddario Pillow

Stalking is against the law. But there are so many of us that love the shit out of Matthew Daddario and look forward to seeing him on the screen every week.

So why not snuggle up to our pillow and let our inner 12 year old loose?


Book Page

I know, I know – some people don’t like to see books torn apart – but some book pages speak to us more than others. We love that people are taking the pages and writing quotes that really resonate with us.

The pages come unframed – but they are really beautiful when you mat them or frame theme. And the words that stuck with you are always present.

il_570xn-897559198_k2bx Shadowhunters Quilt

Any Shadowhunters fan will want to be wrapped up in all the runes that they can. This quilt is absolutely beautiful.

The runes included are Wedded Rune, Strength, Parabatai, Clairvoyance, Iratze, Defect/Block, Fearless, Heightened Speed, Stamina, Soundless, Binding, and Vision. The are all around the Angelic Rune.

il_570xn-836703879_tusm Magnetic Bookmarks

We love to read, but what Shadowhunters fan doesn’t. These cute character bookmarks are magnetic and will be great addition to any library. We think that they are absolutely adorable.

What are your gifts that you think that Shadowhunter in your life should have?

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