Geeky Gift Guides: 5 Gifts for the ‘One Direction’ Fan in Your Life

Its that time of year again. The time of year that brings joy, festivity, and also frantic hunting for that perfect gift for all the people in your life. Its a daunting task to find items that will delight their receivers, and even with all the endless options available, sometimes it only makes the search more difficult.

Add on the fact that one of those people on your list is ‘One Directions Biggest Fan’, and you’ve got your work cut out for you. They have the albums, the posters, the t-shirts. Now its your job to find something that bests them all.

We at Fangirlish want to make your gift buying adventure a little less stressful. So here is our 2016 list of Top 5 Gifts for the One Direction Fan in Your Life.

415debpct4l-_sy300_1) One Direction Desk Standee

Of course, any 1D fan would love to have their fav lad standing in their room waiting for them to return. But, alas, that isn’t an option (although a lovely fantasy, we must say). Instead, treat your fangirl to a standee to have at their side at all times.



2) 1D Lyric Wall Decalil_570xn-1072242635_99hf

Every 1D fan has their favorite song, and in that, a favorite lyric. The one that resonates with you, that you sing in your head, and makes you smile. Well, why not have those words on your wall in an awesome (and totally removable) wall decal?


il_570xn-815916869_baln3) 1D Lad Body Pillow

Lets be honest…we all want to cuddle up to your fav 1D member at night. We would sleep better knowing they were there. And while we cant get you the real thing, we did find you this lovely and squishy 1D body pillow to make your nights that much more comfy


4) Custom 1D Collage Blanketimage-php

Okay, now this one is pretty cool. And perfect for the 1D fan AND crafty fangirl in your life. gives you the chance to customize your own gifts, such as making a collage comforter…and who better to make a collage of than the 1D lads? No one, that’s who!

6e6c3f62-4225-4e2e-9f75-aaab5d562ff5_1-1cba65d44968a925d32bd1da726a59425) 1D Perfume

The boys made these scents themselves, which can only mean that they chose things that they love, that they are drawn to. So of course we would all want to smell exactly how they would want…and their variety of perfumes will give you lots of options to find the perfect match for your 1D fangirl.

Obviously there is no shortage of awesome 1D items to choose from. Either on traditional sites and stores like Target, or online custom and quirky like Etsy and Pintrest. But these are our top picks, and they are sure to make the 1D fangirl in your life happy as a front row concert goer!

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