Geeky Gift Guides: 5 Quirky Gifts for the ‘One Direction’ Fan in your Life

We all have that one person on your gift buying list. The one who likes the unusual, or for whom the typical just isn’t as exciting. If that person is a One Direction fan, a poster or CD is just too expected. They want something different, something subtle, but that will show their support of their fav lads, and speak to other Directioners who know the inside scoop.

This list is for them, giving you our 2016 Top 5 Gifts for the Quirky 1D Fan in Your Life

tom-ford-neroli-portofino-collection-bottles-cafleurebon Tom Ford Cologne

Have you ever wondered what Harry Styles smells like? A beautiful mixture of rainbows and unicorns, with a sprinkle of faery dust? Well, not exactly, but we do have it on good authority what he does smell like. In an interview, Harry revealed his preference for Tom Ford cologne, a lovely, masculine scent and will leave you swooning. This might be the perfect gift for the male 1D fan!

1020 Chelsea boots

Harry Styles is almost as well known for his fashion sense as he is for his talent. The colorful suits, the hair…and the footwear. His Chelsea boots, especially. We all know he has them in brown, black…and who knows how many other colors. So if you want to be stylish and show your 1D support, try these on for size!

tumblr_ncnacgezft1s3aa9oo1_5001D Artwork from Cyrilliart

Those within the 1D fandom will know of Nadia. Her adorable chibi cartoons of the 1D lads are sure to make you go awww. Well, she has her own store where you can buy pillows, stickers, coloring books and calendars with her original artwork. This shows your 1D pride, and supports a talented artist at the same time! Major win!


hkshjgfw_400x400Support a Charity in their name

1D is well known for their giving ways, each of them supporting various charities over the course of their careers. Louis has taken part in the Eden Dora Trust, thrown parties for children with cancer, and more. So, if your 1D fan isn’t big on actual gifts, why not make a donation to a 1D charity in their name? It will be the gift that gives to many!


flat800x800075f-u1WTF is a Chonce?

We all know the word…from one of our fav 1D songs…but honestly, wtf is a chonce? A play on their accents, Niall Horan the culprit, we found chance becoming chonce and a myriad of jokes and teasing to follow. Well, why not commemorate that with a little wall art.

This again is not an all inclusive list of awesome and quirky gifts, but it should get your started. If you don’t know what to get the 1D fan in your life, and they already have all the basics covered, hopefully these ideas will help make you the best gift giver this Christmas!

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