NFL Week 13 Winners and Losers


Week 13 is in the books and the playoff picture has gotten even murkier. Teams like the Packers and Steelers are making playoff pushes while teams like the Falcons and the Texans are faulting down the stretch. Also , Tom Brady made history with his 201th win as a starting quarterback with a victory over the struggling Rams.

So lets go through who the winners and losers of Week 13 of the NFL Season!



 Andy Dalton : It’s been a rough season for the Cincinnati Bengals and their quarterback no doubt. However this sunday we got to see a glimpse of what could have been this season in a 32-14 drubbing of the Eagles. Dalton threw for over 300 yards in his best showing of the year.

Fans of Snow: There is nothing like seeing a game in the snow and Week 13 gave us a couple in Green Bay and Chicago. Seeing Aaron Rodgers throwing touchdowns with snow falling around him is one of those memorable sights you never forget.

Eric Berry : Berry’s Interception and return for 2-points was the deciding factor in the Chiefs 1-point win over the Falcons. With that play, the Chiefs are still in the hunt for the AFC West.

Joe Flacco: 4 touchdowns against a red-hot Miami Dolphins team showed the NFL world one thing. The Baltimore Ravens are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.


Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert : In the 49ers loss to the Bears sunday, Kaepernick and Gabbert combined for only 5 completions the whole game. THE WHOLE GAME. A bad day in the office for these two.

Ron Rivera : The choice to bench Cam Newton for the opening possession of sunday night’s game vs Seattle was a bold move. Sadly , it backfired with a INT in the first play leading to a Seahawks blowout win. The story of how far the Panthers have fallen this year has been shocking and Rivera deserves a good bit of the blame.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Remember when we thought the Jags were possible playoff contenders? Well we were all so very wrong. With a 20-10 loss to the Broncos, it leads to another double-digit loss season for the Jaguars.

Player of the week

Carson Palmer : With a 300-yard game in a win against Washington, Palmer keeps the Cardinals in the playoff hunt at least for one more week.

Dud of the Week

Los Angeles Rams : Not only did Jeff Fisher get a undeserved extension but they laid a stinker in a 26-10 loss to the Patriots. Jared Goff is impressing no one and this team is just waiting to go on vacation.

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