Geeky Gift Guides: 25 Gifts for the Once Upon A Time Fan in your Life

Being a fan of something can be – eh, complicated, especially when the holidays arrive. All you really want is that Captain Swan tote, but how do you tell your sister that? Or worse, your boyfriend?

Here’s an idea. Send them this link. (*wink wink*)

Oh – welcome, family members/loved ones of Once Upon A Time fans. We’ve collected a handy list of OUAT related gifts for you, and they should satisfy any kind of fan in your life.

Let’s dive in:

1. Once Upon A Time Family Shirt


No matter who your favorite character is, this shirt has pretty much everyone. Plus, the drawing is just pretty. And bonus – it comes in male sizes.

2. Once Upon A Time Keychains


Some of the prettiest Once Upon A Time artwork around, in an easy to carry key-chain that will show everyone how much of a fan you are!

3. Customizable Dark One Dagger


Because …well, because they look sort of menacing, and yet, if you get the Emma Swan/Killian Jones set they can also be kind of romantic. Besides, you need something other than Funkos, right?

4. Keep the Prince, I’ll Take the Pirate T-Shirt


Hey, if the pirate is Killian Jones, we can get behind that sentiment. (Nothing against you, Charming)

5. Chipped Cup


Nothing says Beauty and the Beast as much as this chipped mug. Even if you probably can’t really use it. It’s the sentiment that counts!

6. Poison Apple Perfume


It certainly LOOKS the part, doesn’t it? If you’re a Regina fan, this is a nice way to ….well, maybe not smell like her, but certainly show your allegiance.

7. I will Always Find You Bangle


We’ve always found this quote to be the height of romance. And now, you can carry it in your wrist!

8. Once Upon A Time Funko Pops


It’s hard to avoid them. They’re everywhere. And fine, they’re sorta pretty. Get one. Or five!

9. Hook Computer Decal


So your computer can also be devilishly handsome.

10. Once Upon A Time Inspired Terrarium 


Yes, you heard right. Terrarium. There’s something for everyone here!

11. Captain Swan Mug


So you can declare your shipping preferences loud and clear as you sip your coffee.

12. I Shall Destroy Your Happiness Tote


If you want to carry the Evil Queen with you and strike fear on those around you, this is the perfect tote!

13. All Magic Comes With A Price Sign 


If you favor ominous decoration and/or warning your enemies, this Rumplestiltskin quote is just for you!

14. Once Upon A Time Decorative Pillow


If you don’t want to be too on the nose and get your fave’s faces, you can always go for this.

15. Red’s Untold Tale


Backstory on one of our favorites/most underused characters on the show? Sign us up!

16. This Spot is Reserved for Killian Jones Pillow


Hey, one can dream, right?

17. Once Upon A Time Characters Shirt


You can love them all. And this is how you show it.

18. Emma Swan Christmas Scarf


Show your Emma love AND your Christmas spirit, all in one!

19.  Snow/Charming Poster

It has a certain retro vibe. And also, Snow and Charming! This is how the show started, after all.

20. Outlaw Queen Pillow


Beautiful artwork for this heartbreaking story. But hey, we don’t have to forget if we don’t want to.

21. Stars Fall Silent Laptop Sleeve


It’s sorta haunting and beautiful and I want it.

22. Sometimes the Best Teacup is Chipped T-Shirt


The next best thing to the actual teacup, for those Beauty and the Beast fans.

23. Once Upon A Time Wine Charms


Your obsession CAN translate into every part of your life.

24. Dark Swan Necklace


Because we also love the bad side of Emma.

25. Captain Swan Cell Phone Cover


If your mug can proclaim your shipping preferences, why can’t your phone?

Did you find the perfect gift for the Once Upon A Time fan in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

And be sure to take a look at our other Geeky Gift Guides and be on the lookout for more fandoms coming out in the next couple weeks. 

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