11 Moments That Were Unforgettable on TV in 2016


Television is able to connect with people in several different ways. One thing TV does is give us moments that stay with us long after we first saw them. 2016 was no exception as it gave moments that gave us happiness, joy, sadness, anger and everything in between. From a variety of different shows ranging from The Walking Dead to The Flash, we had a abundance of moments in television  in 2016 that would stay in our memories forever.

Here is 11 unforgettable moments from 2016 in television.

Negan kills Glenn  (The Walking Dead) 

For six seasons on The Walking Dead, one of the most popular characters on TV was Glenn Rhee. Over the years we rooted for Glenn as he grew from a pizza boy to a loving husband to Maggie and loyal friend to Rick , Daryl and the others. Abraham was a character that we learned to love over time through his no-nonsense to life in a zombie world.

So when Negan lifted Lucille and beats Glenn and Abraham to the death in one of the most brutal deaths in tv history, it was burned in our brain forever. The image of Glenn trying to console Maggie with his face crushed due to the bat is one of the saddest and heartbreaking sights we ever have witnessed and still haunts us to this day. The Walking Dead continues on but it is no longer with the heart of its show.


Bernard is revealed to be a host (Westworld)

Westworld is one of those rare shows that has you thinking about it long , long after the episode has aired. The show has been a breeding ground to so many theories and one of the biggest ones was revealed in a shocking , unforgettable scene.

Having Bernard revealed as host , who had been beforehand thought to be only a human in charge of maintaining the hosts at the park, was a brilliant move. The subtle hints such as not notice certain things in pictures (which is a flaw of a host) leads to Ford, the creator of the park, taking control of Bernard. It leads to a terrifying sequence of Bernard attacking Theresa, someone Bernard had cared for, killing her as Ford reveals that this isn’t the first time Bernard has had to do this for him.

The acting through the sequence is remarkable as Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Wright are giving some of the best performances of 2016 here. (And I haven’t even touched on the Arnold thing which was another fantastic moment)


Barry changes the timeline and creates Flashpoint (The Flash)

At the end of The Flash’s season two finale, Barry Allen was emotionally broken after having had his father killed by Zoom. So in a emotional reaction, Barry goes back in time again to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash. But unlike the season 1 finale, Barry succeeds at saving his mother changing the timeline forever creating Flashpoint.

The impact of Flashpoint is still being felt even after Barry went back to fix things as friends like Cisco and Caitlin have been changed. Even Flashpoint ended up affecting Diggle over on Arrow as his baby girl became a baby boy.  One of the things this highlighted is that even heroes can have moments where temptation can be too much for them. The Flash is showing that the consequences for changing time can not just be swept under the rug every single time.

Cersei’s revenge  (Game of Thrones) 

There is a number of moments you could have picked from Game Of Thrones this year — From Jon Snow’s resurrection to the origin of Hodor — all great choices.  However the most unforgettable moment has to go to Cersei’s ultimate revenge on the High Sparrow. Her act of vengeance leads to the death of not just him and countless nobles at Great Sept Of Baelor but her own daughter-in-law Margery and inadvertently her own son King Tommen. This chain of events leads to Cersei being declared the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei had always been a ruthless character but this act in the season 6 finale reminded us that she is not the woman to anger in any circumstance. Heaven help who she sets her sights on next.

Demelza smacks Ross (Poldark)

Through two season of Poldark, we have seen Demelza being consistently loyal to Ross. No matter what idiotic or potentially dangerous thing Ross did, Demelza would never be afraid to say her mind but always stood by her husband. So when Ross finds out that his former love Elizabeth is going to marry his rival George and then makes love with her , Demelza’s trust in Ross is broken. So when Ross arrives back at the Poldark home, Demelza is in no mood to hear his excuses and backhands Ross in the face. Now we don’t advocate violence here but in this rare case, this was a moment to cheer Demelza standing up for herself.

Supergirl meets the Flash (Supergirl)

Team-ups are always memorable for different reasons but this one between Supergirl and The Flash was really special. From the moment they meet via dimension travel, “World’s Finest”  had something rarely seen anymore in comic book shows : Fun. Seeing moments like Kara geek out at how fast Barry is in picking up ice cream for everyone to the old fashioned superhero team-up to save Cat Grant was a joy to witness.

Kate McKinnon sings Hallelujah (Saturday Night Live) 

After a 2016 election that had demoralized a lot of America, the country was hurting pretty badly.  On the Saturday Night Live after the election, Kate as Hillary Clinton got on the piano and sung “Hallelujah” in the cold open in tribute of the late Leonard Cohen.

One of the best cold opens in SNL history, emotions were pouring out from not just her but everyone watching at home. As Kate finishes the song, she looks into the camera and simple states “I’m not giving up and neither should you.” It was a moment you would never forget and one that lets you know that you should never give up no matter how bad things are.


Mary Winchester returns (Supernatural) 

Through the long run of Supernatural, the underlining theme of the show through all the demons and angels has been family. So  in the season 11 finale when God and Amara are reunited with a little help from Dean, Amara decides to say thank you in a unexpected way. Amara’s gift was to him : His Mother Mary, back from the dead. It was as shocking to the audience as it was to Dean to see his mother again but a pleasant surprise to a man who doesn’t get many wins in his life.

Greg Serrano leaves West Covina (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

One of the great things of season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was how much Greg Serrano had decided to change his life for the better. Greg finally did something about his alcoholism and went to AA meetings. He focused on his law studies and decided to move to Atlanta so he can go to Emory College. It’s wonderful to see that Greg wasn’t settling for anything anymore but going for his own dreams. However our Gregbecca hearts broke though to see Greg sing good-bye to Rebecca  after his declaration of love for her. Knowing we won’t get to see Santino Fontana’s surly Greg tap-dancing his way into our hearts anymore makes us cry if we could, if we wanted to.  Greg, you’ll always be our type.

Joyce communicates with her son via Christmas Lights (Stranger Things) 

Stranger Things was one of those shows this year that hit like a rocket into the mainstream. The Netflix series gave us many great characters like the mysterious Eleven and places like The Upside-Down. The most memorable moment of the series though was a simple moment between mother and son. Joyce looks for her son Will after he has mysteriously disappeared.

As Joyce is slowly losing hope, the lights flicker and light up. After figuring out Will is communicating via lights, she buys a bunch of christmas lights and in a terrific scene works out a alphabet with the lights so they can communicate. It is a great moment showing that you should never question what a mother will do to save their child.

Jane finally loses her virginity (Jane the Virgin)

One of the most asked questions of 2016 had been “When will Jane finally do it?” It felt like we were finally going to see it after Jane had married the love of her life Michael in a glorious wedding ceremony. However this went to the wayside thanks to a bullet to Michael’s chest from Sin Rostro. Thankfully Michael was able to recover and we got to witness the magical night.

Well we didn’t really see but got to imagine it via joyful cartoon montage. This was memorable for it showed that much like the first time for everybody , it wasn’t perfect. Happily Jane realized that just because her virginity is gone and her first time wasn’t the best that there isn’t anything wrong with her or her relationship with Michael. Instead she gained something instead and was another step in continuing to show why Jane Villanueva is one of the best characters on television. And thankfully the second time was a lot better for Jane and Michael. High-five Better.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment that stayed with you? Share with us in the comments below!

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