Johanna Deakin, Mother of 1D’s Louis Tomlinson, Passes Away

As I write this, I find I am struggling to find the words to accurately convey my condolences to the Tomlinson and Deakin families. I did not know Johanna, or anyone in her family. I am merely a fan of her son, and as a woman, I respect her strength and the way she conducted herself.

And from those places of respect, I am profoundly sorry to hear of her passing today from leukemia. When I heard the news this morning while at work, I thought for sure it was a sick joke. That it was some twisted idea of a prank or trend, like the countless times it has been reported that Betty White has passed. Soon, however, I learned that it was true. That one of the most public and open 1D mothers was no longer with her family.

The fact that the family had been able to keep her condition to themselves is commendable and as it should have been. They were able to go through this difficult time without the influence and maniacal scrutiny of the media and fandom. This was a private matter, a tragic loss, and not something to be shared with the world. It was theirs, and theirs alone. As she was and always will be.

As the day wore on, outpourings of support, condolences and love towards the Tomlinson and Deakin families began. First from former member, and by far probably the closest to Louis, Zayn. No matter how their band relationship ended, there will always be a connection between them all. And in that, the sorrow is shared at this loss.


Niall and Liam also posted messages, as well as hair stylist Lou Teasdale, and countless others of the 1D camp and media world. It is said that Harry Styles was at the hospital with the family at the time of her passing paying his respects.


Daughter Lottie posted on her snapchat a tattoo she had done of her mothers lips. Something personal, that will keep her with her always.


It was well known within the 1D fandom that Louis was a self proclaimed ‘mamas boy’. He was always quite vocal about their connection, their closeness, and how much he loved her. His gratitude and admiration for his mother was heartwarming, of how he missed her when on the road, and would always be grateful for having her in his life.

Now, while I am reporting on this matter, I am going to pray that everyone gives the family the time, peace and privacy they need and deserve during this time. Grieve with them, donate to charities in Jay’s name, and send wishes of support.

From all of us here at Fangirlish:

Jay, you were a strong woman who carried herself with grace and dignity. Then, and now, you will always be a beautiful soul, and we pray you find peace. Your family will always know your love.

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