Geeky Gift Guides: 5 Gifts For The Wattpad Fan In Your Life

Christmas is all about giving, spending time with family, and finding that perfect gift that will make the people in your life smile. For book lovers, it is also the perfect time of year to curl up in front of a fire with warm socks, a blanket, and your favorite books. And for many (myself included) those favorite books just happen to be on Wattpad.

So, when looking for presents for someone who loves the online forum, where do you start? What do you get them?

Fear not, for Fangirlish is here to bring you our 2016 Top 5 Gifts for the Wattpad Lover in Your Life.


mugstandardx400left-bgffffff-u21) Wattpad Mug

Anyone who follows the writing forum knows of the coveted orange Wattpad mugs. They can be seen in photos of some of their top users, given to Stars, staff and the like. But, they are like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and not something given out easily. But we have the next best thing in this “I live on pizza, Coca-Cola and Wattpad” mug.

2) Wattpad t-shirtrafitted_v_neckx3104fafafa_ca443f4786front-c600650900850-bgf8f8f8-2u1

Along with the mugs, its the t-shirts. Sporting your support for your fav forum in comfy and Wattpad loving style. Again, hard to come by outside of the inner circle of Wattpad, but we’re here to save the day with this “Id rather be on Wattpad” shirt


8827093067573) Reading Socks

Like I said, there is nothing like a warm blanket, a good book and comfy socks. Warm feet make the world a better place, so keep yours toasty with these thick reading socks!

4) After Shirtimage1copy

You would be hard pressed to find a Wattpad user who doesn’t know Anna Todds name. Writer of the forums post popular story with more than 1 billion reads, now a New York Times bestselling series, and upcoming film, After has changed the way people think of online writing. Not to mention that Anna is just an adorable gum drop of a person. So, if you love the story like we do, check out this sniffy After quote shirt and sport your Hessa pride.


hooded_sweatshirt5) A little bit of everything

Cant decide? Want something official? Well, we have that covered too with the official Wattpad Cafepress store. Here you can find mugs, t-shirts, stickers and more to show support and love for all things orange and Wattpad


We’ve got the official, the quirky, the hand made but above all the love of all things orange. Give the gift that the Wattpad lover in your life will squee over…you can thank us later.

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