Dunkirk Movie Poster Released

As the release date for Christopher Nolan’s latest film, the epic WWII drama Dunkirk, quickly approaches, we are treated to all the sneak peaks and teasers that come with such anticipation.

The first trailer came out not that long ago, its subtle but impacting reality setting the tone for the film in less than 2 minutes. Already, those who were looking forward to its release are waiting with baited breath.

Well, here is another teaser before the July 21, 2017 release…the film poster

dunkirkAgain, as with the trailer, is simplicity of a lone figure looking out over the chaos brings a sense of the reality those at that time faced. And it does its job well.

Other than those who love such films, a few group of film goers for this particular release will be the One Direction fandom, as they take in Harry Styles movie debut. According to IMDB, Styles characters name is Tommy, although no other information about his role has been released. Fans have been anticipating this release as they would anything else with regard to their fave band, and as each sneak comes online, it only heightens their frenzy.

I know I will be there opening night to take in the event, and cant wait to see Harry shine on the big screen.


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