How To Handle The Holiday Season If You Are A Grinch

It’s December. That means that it’s the time of year where we are all supposed to be merry and jolly, accept the fact that we’re going to eat 20 pounds of sugar, and someone is going to get us some tacky shit that we hate.

But if you are anything like me – you are all bahumbug, dreading having to deal with anyone, and more interested in buying myself stuff than anyone else. I am the grinch – I accept it.

But I need to make sure that I get my shit together and if you are like me – so do you. So lets talk about how to get through the holidays.

200_sIf you don’t have a Xanax prescription, do lots of yoga.

People are exhausting. No offense to people out there – cause I love ya, but people can sure as hell take a lot out of you. Now, my doctor gives me a prescription of Xanax – cause there is something about blood pressure and all that crap. But it doesn’t mean that I take it on the regular. What I do – is yoga. It’s calming, it’s freeing, and it makes me able to tolerate more. If yoga isn’t your thing – I suggest finding what makes you happy and running with it. Basically you need to find your calming space and embrace it.


Make sure that you hit your 10K steps a day. 

I know, I know – I hate walking too. But I live in New York, so I do a lot of it. And I have become used to it. But one thing I embrace about it is that getting my 10K steps in a day makes me feel like I have accomplished something for me. And I think that we all need to feel like we have accomplished something in order to remain focused. So whatever your daily achievement is – embrace it. Do you first.


I know it sounds ridiculous, but the truth is – you need to be hydrated. When you are taking care of yourself, you can take care of others. I am serious. I make sure that I am hitting my water goals. And if you are drinking alcohol – then you need to make sure that you are hydrated so that you are not getting sick. I mean doesn’t mean that you won’t get a hangover – I don’t know how much you drink – but double fist that water people.



Don’t be around people who suck. 

I know it’s the holidays, and you are going to be around a lot of people. Let’s be frank – some people suck. You have to tolerate all of them. But don’t spend an extended amount of time around people who suck. People who suck are really a happiness suck and that’s not something that you need. So be polite, do what you need to do, but limit your time around them. Be around the people that make you happy.



Get plenty of sleep. 

Sleep is an important part of life. You need to get your sleep on. You need rest. If you don’t have rest you will be more impatient. You will not be able to do everything that you need to do. So yes, I get it – you want to be everywhere and a part of everything. But the reality is – good sleep makes you feel better.

And well… if all else fails, bahumbug that shit up.

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