Geeky Gift Guides: Gifts For Your Friends You’d Want to Keep For Yourself

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love giving gifts and making all of my friends happy. The problem is – everything I buy for them, I want to keep for myself. Especially when there is so much accessible online. Take Amazon for example, there are Amazon savings codes available that can give you discounts to great gift ideas! It’s a hard thing – wanting to make all your friends happy, but wanting to keep all the goodness for yourself.

In putting together gift guides, it just felt like second nature to me to put together a gift guide of things to get for your girlfriends that you will want to keep for yourself.


Custom Beyonce Print

We’re huge fans of Beyonce and Etsy. So we got a little excited as we were searching and found this print on the site. It’s a handmade item and we love that. Support small business, while giving the gifts that everyone will praise you for.

The print can come in 3 different sizes – it doesn’t come framed. It starts at $8 and goes up from there. And the page – if you buy two prints, they will give you the third one for free.

06767_b Live that Lush Life

There is nothing that a girl loves more than a great bathtub. At least this girl does. But essential for a good bath is favorite products from Lush.

Lush does all the work and puts together the best stuff for you in a Holiday Package. Living in New York – where everything is a shower – this package from Lush makes me want to rent a hotel room and just climb into the bathtub.

Yes, going on right now to find a bathtub.


PopandSuki BFF Charms

Pop and Suki has become an obsession of ours. We didn’t want to fall for the latest, but they are just so damn cute.

Their camera bags can be printed with a name on the bottom (up to 9 letters) so that you can personalize your purse.

But if you can’t drop a cool $240 bucks, you can afford these BFF charms. One for you and one for your bestie.

After all where would we be without our best friends?

catCat Pins

I may not like cats but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a lot of friends who are on the path to becoming a cat lady.

So what would be cuter than these pins that tell the world where they really want to be – at home with their fur shedding animal.

Have to admit – that even though I am not a cat person, I would wear these pins – cause love the colors and I have to admit, they are cute.


Look at this time of year, there is nothing better than a good cup of hot chocolate. And I hate chocolate.

Yes I said that.

I can’t afford shit that isn’t edible in Barney’s – so I get a little excited over this! These Freds Snowflake Marshmallow’s are not only adorable to top your hot chocolate with, but the are really good too.

And that’s hard for me to admit – cause – I hate marshmallows unless they are in hot chocolate. I’m weird…. I know.

black-doubleLumee Case

I just recently upgraded to an iPhone 7, so I have to buy myself a new Lumee Case. But I don’t care, cause it is really worth the investment.

And now Lumee has come out with a dual sided case. Just take all my money. Not only does it light my selfies amazingly, it acts as an amazing flashlight when I don’t want to turn on the lights. Hey, I am a multi-tasker.

dsc_0157_2Custom Instagram Prints

I don’t know about you, but Instagram holds some of the memories that my friends love the most. So why not take their special memories and do a custom print canvas.

It’s just too cute.

It’s about $50 bucks, but it is a very thoughtful gift. That gift will be with them forever. They will always be able to look up and see the special memories.

What could be better than that?

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-8-51-26-pmKylie Cosmetics Bundle

Say what you will – but my friends all want Kylie Cosmetics.

Her lips kits are to die for.

Well Kylie has put together these amazing bundles – $230 worth of product for $125. The only problem – that’s some serious dough and you are going to want to keep it for yourself.

And if you are going to be good and give the makeup to your friend – keep the makeup bag. Cause then you can say you had the bundle – and it’s really fucking cute.

What are the gifts that you would want to give your friends that you would want to keep?

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