Geeky Gift Guides: Presents for Fans of The Royal Family

Some of us (raising hand) have a fascination with royal families. We can’t get enough of Kate and William, we hang on every episode of The Crown, and are planning our trips to England. So what do you get the fan of the Royal Family in your life?

Don’t worry we are here for you.

8577714_maxKate and William’s Cardboard Cutout

Now, I am in New York City, so I can’t stalk William and Kate’s every move. But the ultimate fan of the Royal family can have them into their home.

Of course – it will be in a card board cut out form.

This picture – from after the birth of Princess Charlotte is timeless. It’ll be like William and Kate are bringing over the little one for you to meet. Yes, we get that George is missing, but shit – we can’t give you everything.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-10-35-13-pmI Love Harry T-Shirt

Well Harry is off the market, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love guy. Personally, he’s made me have an appreciation for red heads and I know that I am not alone.

So why wouldn’t want to express their love for the Prince. We do.

We would wear this ugly shirt with pride and no regrets.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-10-42-21-pmPrincess Diana People Magazine

If there is one Princess that we all should aim to be like – HRH Princess Diana would be one of them.

Why not gift the Royal Family fan in your life a collectors item – the Princess Diana People Life and Death in Photo’s Edition?

She’s priceless and timeless.

We miss her.

7d48824b-795e-4dc1-a446-b731a93e8298_1-b71d596aaf540f9304fd9428a8c86f76Prince Harry Cardboard Cut Out

He’s taken. He’s off the market. But he can come home with you.

The former spare (cause you know his nephew and niece are in front of him) can come home to watch you sleep, clean, or you know… whatever.

Just remember, he’s a cardboard cut out. Not your new boyfriend.

il_570xn-724376914_gu71Talk British to Me

Love a British accent and even though the pillow doesn’t talk, the saying is everything.

We love and we’re sure that the Royal Family fan in your life would want one too.

What are your favorite British sayings? What would you want your Prince to say to you?

We’ll have to keep our comments to ourselves, cause NSFW.

_35Tacky Plates

Guys – who doesn’t love tacky collectors plates? We do, we do.

My Grandma collected spoons, but the new generation – who wouldn’t want a plate. One that you could never eat off of, one that you won’t want to hang, one that will sit in a box…

We know that we would.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-11-08-51-pmPrince William Card

Love fan art. Love art.

This card from Zazzle is beautiful. It’s a somber William, but the art is absolutely beautiful

The cards are bought individually, so yes – there is a lot of money that can be spent. But hey – help the Royal family fan in your life stock up on them so that when he becomes King, they have them to send out for their coronation party. Cause you know they will have one.

BRB buying myself 100 cards.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-11-13-36-pm Buckingham Palace Key Chain

It’ll be awhile before a lot of us make it to London, but luckily for us – Buckingham Palace knows it. They also know our insationable appetite for anything and everything Palace related.

And then there is the miracle of the internet.

The perfect gift for the Royal Family fan – a keychain that will keep reminding you that you want to save those dollars and get your ass to London.

crownLace Crown

Who doesn’t want to wear a crown? We do. And not those paper ones from Burger King.

These crowns come in sizes from child to adult.

Now, if you are worried that you are going to loose your diamonds or the gold/silver may clash with your outfit. That’s where lace comes in.

Every Royal family fan needs one.

downloadMore Plates, Less Tacky

Not gonna lie – the busier the better. This is all sorts of greatness for the Royal Family fan in your life. It highlights so much of Kate and William’s important moments.

And hey, we’ve already established, what is better than a crown?

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-10-10-54-amQueen Elizabeth Calendar

It’s almost a new year and that means that everyone is going to need new calendars in their lives.

What better than giving them 12 months of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth? Not much.

The photos are from throughout her reign, so it’s not just the pastel outfits that we are used to now.

Ordering myself a copy right now. And even better? You won’t be lying when you tell the Royal Family fan in your life that this calendar comes from Buckingham Palace.

crown The Discreet Crown

Now not everyone is like me – with the need to wear a fully diamond encrusted tiara. Sometimes art is the way to go. That’s why God created Etsy, so we have a place to buy the art that we didn’t know we needed.

This print – which we like to call “The Discreet Crown” is for the fan in your life that wants to be the Queen or hell, even just a Princess, and needs a reminder everyday that they already are one.

Are you a fan of The Royal Family? What gift would you want for the holidays?


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