Geeky Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For the ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan in Your Life

Winter is coming! Well, more the the holiday’s are coming! As the holiday season reaches its peak, it’s time to think about what to get that special Game of Thrones fanatic in your life.

Here at Fangirlish, we are always here to help you geek out when it comes to all things TV, movies, books and more. To help your holiday shopping move a little smoother, we’ve rounded up TEN of the best gifts to get your favorite TV addict. Check out the full list below and get ready to celebrate all things Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones Coloring Book 

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-53-00-pmWho doesn’t love to sit by the fire place with some hot cocoa and color? Even better, who doesn’t love coloring in some classic Game of Thrones scenes? Immerse yourself into the realm with this amazing color book. Color in your favorite characters, favorite landscapes in the Seven Realms and much more! ($15.95- Chronicle Books)

Game of Thrones Season 6 DVD/Blu-Ray

a1ezpwyi3l-_sy679_Maybe you have a Game of Thrones fan that needs to catch up ASAP! This is the perfect gift for those friends of yours that still don’t know whether Jon Snow is alive or not and still don’t know what “Hold the Door” means! Grab some popcorn and binge-watch Game of Thrones season 6 with your BFF this holiday season. ($30 for Blu-Ray-

If you want to one up yourself – HBO now has gift cards so you can give the gift of HBO. HBO NOW provides audiences with instant access to all of HBO—addictive series, unforgettable movies, thought-provoking documentaries, thrilling sports programs and entertaining comedy and music specials. HBO NOW gift cards are available now in denominations of $25 and $50 at Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop.

Game of Thrones Complete Book Set (Paperback)

61y-vyqyqyl-_sy480_bo1204203200_If you have a friend that needs EVEN MORE Game of Thrones in their life, then the complete book set is PERFECT! Give them the gift of even more Game of Thrones knowledge with the book set. They can catch up and sit (like the rest of us) as we wait forever George R.R Martin writes the next one! We’re waiting George! ($30.22-

Wooden “Hodor” Doorstop

il_570xn-1028402223_tqz8Alright, chances are your friend will cry while unwrapping this gift, but it’s just to good not to get! After a devastating season 6 involving Hodor, it’s time to be reminded of your favorite characters bravery with this amazing gift! Better yet, while your buying a gift maybe hint you want this as well! ($10-

“Moon of My Life” Book Except Necklace

il_570xn-490054565_e997You can now carry one of the most adorable quotes from Game of Thrones around everywhere. This handmade necklace contains an actual piece of one of the Game of Thrones novels. It’s perfect for the TV show and book fan in your life! ($18.00-

Hand of the King Pin

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-3-17-51-pmWho doesn’t want to hold one of the most powerful positions ever? For anyone that wants to channel their inner Tyrion and be Hand to the King (or Queen)! This is the best gift for someone who wants to rock a little piece of Game of Thrones everywhere they go! ($15.00- By the Sword)

Tiny Drogon Baby Dragon Necklace

il_570xn-1140611705_fu5cNow you can be the Mother of Dragons! Give that special Daenerys fan in your life a replica of one of her favorite dragons. This adorable pendant is perfect for any of Game of Thrones fan. Heck, anyone who just loves dragons! ($38.63-

Direwolf Cufflinks

il_570xn-773721729_cnj6Every guy should be able to represent House Stark, even while wearing a suit! There Direwolf Cufflinks are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to pledge their allegiance to House Stark 24/7! ($17.49-

Daenerys Throw Pillow

deanreys-can-do-it-pillowsAlright, don’t you want to cuddle with this powerful Daenerys throw pillow? Cause we do! This is the perfect gift for any fan of Daenerys or Game of Thrones in your life! ($20.00-

The Iron Throne

61e5zq-zvllWhile we can’t all be Ben Wyatt and be gifted with an actual, life size version, a Funko Pop Collectible of it will do! A 2015 NYCC exclusive, you can now give your favorite Game of Thrones fan a tiny version of the Iron Throne. Is there really anything better? ($39.99-

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