Geeky Gift Guide: 8 Gifts For The Pitch Fan In Your Life

In its first ten episodes, Pitch has attracted fans of all kinds of different backgrounds and interests, appealing to sports fans and non sports fans alike.

Since the network still has yet to release any official merchandise, you have to get a bit creative when shopping for a big Pitch fan. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of gift ideas for fans of the new TV series.

  1. Ginny Baker jersey – 100-125$

Okay, technically you can’t actually buy Ginny Baker jerseys, BUT plenty of sports merchandise companies sell customisable jerseys. That means you can get a jersey with your own name on it, or a silly nickname, or the name of your favourite fictional character.

Just write in BAKER 43 and you’ve got your very own Ginny Baker jersey.




  1. A League of Their Own DVD – 5.19$                                    Image result for a league of their own dvd

When FOX first announced that it was picking up Pitch, a lot of people compared the premise to that of the 1992 movie A League of the Own. Set during World War II in a time when the war caused a shortage of men’s baseball players, it follows a struggling team in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

If you like movies about women in sports, this one is a must-watch.




  1. Padres/Marvel T-Shirt – 22.39$

Like I said, Pitch fans come in all shapes and sizes, and a lot of us are into other fandoms too. If the person you’re buying for is also a Marvel fan, consider getting them this shirt, which combines sports with superheroes.




  1. San Diego Padres Mug – 20$

It’s hard to go wrong with mugs. If you’re shopping for a big Padres fan, or just someone who really loves Pitch, consider getting them one with the logo of their favourite baseball team.




  1. Padres Toaster – 26.24$

What better way to proclaim your love of baseball than on your toast? Not only is this household appliance shaped like a baseball, it also toasts the Padres logo onto your bread. That means that come playoff time, you’ll honestly be able to wake up every day and say that your team is toast.

Sorry. I had to. Anyway, you’ll still be able to start off your day with a friendly reminder that your team is the best. Or a depressing reminder that your team sucks. Either one, really.



  1. Padres Pen – 16$


Okay, before you roll your eyes, here’s the catch: this pen actually contains game used dirt. If you’re buying for a die-hard Padres fan, you might want to consider it.

Sports are weird, okay?




  1. Run Like a Girl shirt – 15$

If Ginny Baker has shown us anything, it’s that playing sports “like a girl” is no insult. Break all the stereotypes with this wonderfully empowering shirt.




  1. Tickets

There’s nothing a sports fan wants more than tickets to see their favorite team play. If the person you’re buying for is a big baseball fan, maybe think about getting them MLB tickets. Even if they’re sitting in the nosebleed section, they’re sure to enjoy the game.

However, MLB tickets might be a bit pricey for some people. If you want to go for something a little more affordable, maybe think of getting tickets to a women’s sports league, which sell for pretty reasonable prices and are well worth the money. While there isn’t currently any professional women’s baseball league, there are a number of women’s leagues in other sports:

The Women’s National Basketball Association has teams in 12 cities across the US. Prices range from about 10$ to 50$ depending on the seat and team. You can look up teams and tickets here:

The Nation Women’s Soccer League has teams in 11 cities across the US. Tickets start at about 20$.

The National Women’s Hockey League has teams in 4 cities across the US. Tickets cost 15$ to 20$. You can also now buy tickets to the 2017 All-Star Weekend in Philadelphia.

Finally, the Canadian Women’s Hockey League has teams in 4 Canadian Cities and Boston. Tickets cost 15$.

Not only is this a great experience for any sports fan, it’s also a nice chance to support professional women’s sports leagues.

Did you find the perfect gift for the Pitch fan in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

And be sure to take a look at our other Geeky Gift Guides and be on the lookout for more fandoms!

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