Fangirlish Exclusive with Musician Ilana Armida

With 2017 just around the corner, with a new year comes new breakthrough artists. Some releasing new music, others dabbling in film, but no matter the forum we are sure to find countless new loves for our eyes and ears.

One of these incredible artists looking at 2017 to be her debut year, is Ilana Armida. Her EP Iridescent Flower Child is scheduled to release January 13, 2017, her sound a pop R&B style along the lines of Little Mix. The EP is described as truly an expression of who Ilana is, with strong R&B harmonies, catchy pop beats with a touch of funk. Armida strives to send out positive vibes, and in a world where it is so easy to lose yourself, she is determined to stay true to who she is.

Drawn to entertainment from a young age, Ilana attended Florida Atlantic University in their Commercial Music Business program. This gave her the educational backing to support her passion, as well as made her some great friends along the way. Some of whom you will hear on the EP! During her time at FAU, she took part in the student run label Hoot/Wisdom Recordings, and now has her own label Eastpark Entertainment.

The track list for Iridescent Flower Child includes, with the video for Pretend available online. You can also see the lyric video for Still Down For You on Youtube.

1. This Feeling
2. Sweet Freedom
4. The Magic Interlude
5. Dreams
6. You Got What I Want
We were fortunate enough to chat with Ilana on her passion, her inspiration, and what she would do if she wasn’t in music!

a490085ccc873442b7b288dee527413bWhat is it about music that you love above all other forms of expression?

Music allows me to tell my story and express myself while connecting with people all around the world. Music allows me to heal people, make people happy and make people dance and that is a really magical thing. 

Your EP is titled Iridescent Flower Child…care you explain the title?

Iridescent means when something appears to change colors when looked at from different angles that alludes to my multiple dimensions and ideas. Flower represents growth. Child represents two things one is keeping things childlike and not so serious all the time but also remembering my big dream that I had as a little girl and staying true to who I am. 

Flowers can control their own iridescence to attract bees this has to do with how I am in control of who I am as an artist. Flower child is another world d for a hippy someone who promotes peace and love and positivity 

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

My music falls under the Pop/R&B genre. My sound is eclectic as I have a large variety of musical influences. You can hear hints of hiphop, soul, funk, and more. 

Who within the music industry would you love to collaborate with and why?

I would love to work with Bruno Mars and his camp. They make incredible music that feels good. I would also like to work with Pharrell Williams. His production is brilliant.

You attended Florida Atlantic University in their Commercial Music Business program. How do you feel the program enhanced your understanding and skills within the media?

I am so glad I went to FAU because I knew nothing about the music business before entering the program.  I was able to work for the student run record label as a manager and eventually Vice President.  It helped me figure out how to be smart and safe in this industry. I now run everything through my own record label Eastpark Entertainment along with my parents. 

Your upcoming EP is being released from your own label, Eastpark Entertainment. Tell us a little about the label!

Eastpark Entertainment is basically my family (Dad, Mom, and Brother) running all components of my musical career. We record in my home, we do all of the marketing, publishing, content creation, graphic design, promotions, etc. East Park is a park in Worcester, Massachusetts where I was born. It is where my dad and his entire family grew up and represents my roots and my family. 

You feature some of your FAU colleagues in your EP. What made you want to include these individuals in particular in your venture?

Honestly I have been so spoiled because my FAU colleagues just happen to be some of the best musicians and songwriters I have ever heard it was a no-brainer asking them to be a part of this project. 

Tell us about a song on the EP that you are particularly proud of and why.

I am really proud of all my work but the song “Pretend” in particular because I held on to the song for 3 years and perfected it before putting it out. It was my first time being so heavily involved in the production side. I am also proud with how my vision for the music video came out and how well it was received as the first original piece of material I came out with on Youtube. 

What advice would you like to give other young people wanting to break into the music industry? Any tips and tricks or experiences that gave you insight?

The best advice I can give is to remain 100 percent yourself 100 percent of the time. Everyone is unique and should embrace what makes you stand out and not be afraid to take musical risks. 

If you could describe your music in one word, what would it be?


Other than music, tell us of some of your passions.

I love fashion, theatre, traveling and learning about people and food. I design clothes and accessories when I find the time. I have always been a love or the theatre. I did plays from elementary school through high school. food also makes me wicked happy I love to travel and try new restaurants. 

If you weren’t in music, what other career path do you think you would have taken?

If I didn’t do music I think I would pursue another form of entertainment; either acting or dance. I also am interested in psychology I love talking to people and learning their stories, culture, and what makes them tick. 

We cant wait to hear more from this amazing new artist, and encourage you all to check her out!

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