Geeky Gift Guides: 18 Gifts for The Walking Dead Fan in Your Life

Fandom is a wonderful thing that can invade every single part of our lives. With the holiday season here, we’ve put together 18 gifts for The Walking Dead fan in your life. It’s not easy surviving the zombie apocalypse but maybe these purchases will sooth the storm until we get that happy ending we’re hoping for Team Rick.

*Items included in list show a love for Rickyl, Richonne, and the BAMF Carol Peletier.

1. Rick Grimes Sheriff Backpack – 64.99

Carry around your survival gear (or your school books) with this Sheriff Rick Grimes inspired bag.

2. Richonne Pillow – 23.34

Cuddle up with The Walking Dead’s epic OTP and reminisce over their journey so far with this pillow by Jobydove.

3. Carol’s Cookies T-Shirt – 25.55

Let everyone know who makes your favorite cookies this side of the apocalypse with this shirt by MannyPDesign.


4. Negan & Lucille Lamp – 74.95

Fill your room with the gentle glow of a Negan & Lucille lamp. Beware the spikes though. Lucille gets hungry sometimes.

5. Glenn Rhee Cardboard Standee – 39.95

This item that should’ve been listed somewhere else besides right below Negan & Lucille. Protect Glenn from these two by keeping him safely in your room.

6. Survival Kit – 109.95

Packed full of goodies to survive the zombie apocalypse. Items include: matches, first aid kit, poncho, emergency food rations, and more!

7. Rickyl Notebook – 12.00

Write down your feelings (poems, songs, and essays) about that epic Rickyl hug in the mid-season finale of Season 7 in your own spiral notebook by Yohlen.

8. The Walking Dead Character Socks – 19.99

Oh the weather outside is frightful, so why not keep your feet warm with chibi The Walking Dead socks? Mix and matching is encouraged.

9. Just Look At The Flowers Bracelet – 17.00

Sometimes you just have to look at the flowers and let all your cares go. Keep this friendly little reminder close with a bracelet by CynnicalRedHead.

10. Richonne Print 12.75

Commemorate and relive the moment that the Richonne ship set sail with this print by Msdoomandgloom.

11. The Walking Dead Shoes – 50.00

Walk around in style with these custom The Walking Dead shoes covered in (fake) walker blood and the silhouette of our savior, Rick Grimes. Made by TheColorfulCauldron.

12. The Walking Dead – Monopoly Edition (Price Varies)

Conquer the apocalypse and snatch up as much property as you can in The Walking Dead version of Monopoly.

13. Terminus Print – 7.98

Avoid those cannibalistic crazies at Terminus with this print by ManCaveStore. No matter what they tell you, their barbecue isn’t worth it.

14. The Snacking Dead: A Parody in a Cookbook – 15.27

Ignite your palette with this The Walking Dead inspired cookbook full brain food, finger food, and cocktails for the apocalypse.

15. Rick Grimes Shirt Apron – 29.95

Enjoy those post-apocalypse cocktails with your very own Rick Grimes apron. Hat not included.

16. Mrs. Daryl Dixon Mug – 19.95

Declare to the world your eternal feelings for Mr. Daryl Dixon with every cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.  

17. Michonne Letter Opener – 39.95

Put fear (or just an uncomfortable feeling) into your enemies eyes when you open mail with Michonne’s sword. If it’s good enough for walkers it’s good enough for your mail.

18. Little Ass Kicker Infant Snap Suit – 19.95

Don’t let your kid ride around in a second class snap suit. It’s important to make a statement from the womb and every second after.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 13, 2017 on AMC.

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