NFL Week 15 Winners and Losers

Week 15 of the 2016 NFL season let us punch the playoff tickets for a few teams as another coach got their walking papers. Add on locker room dissension, some outstanding quarterback play ,and the Cleveland Browns continued the march to 0-16, the week in the NFL was anything but boring.

Now lets review who the winners and losers of Week 15 in the NFL were!


Oakland Raiders : With a win over the Chargers, the Raiders have scored their first playoff berth since 2002. Alongside a Chiefs loss, The AFC West title and a 1st Round bye is within eyesight.

Dak Prescott: The demise of Dak Prescott have been greatly exaggerated. With only 4 incompletions and a very strong win over Tampa Bay, Dak once again made it clear that the Dallas Cowboys are his team now.

Ty Montgomery: Yes Aaron Rodgers had the big pass at the end to get the Packers the win over Chicago but without Montgomery’s exceptional rushing day, they aren’t even close. Green Bay may finally have the running threat to ease the burden off of Rodgers finally.


Denver Broncos Offense: 3 points. 3 POINTS. When your defense holds Tom Brady to less than 200 yards passing and 16 points,you need to win that game. Instead , Denver only scored 3 points and looked awful. No wonder Aqib Talib and Chris Harris are pissed off in the locker room.

Andy Reid :  You know how there’s such a thing as “TV Tropes”? Well there is also “Football tropes” and one is ”call a timeout to freeze kicker”. Andy pulled this one out of the bag and ended up helping out Titans in their 19-17 win after the kicker missed the first one. Instead, Ryan Succop booms a 53-yarder and the Chiefs went from AFC West lead to fighting for a wild card once again.


Drew Brees: It’s easy to take Brees for granted but he is one of the best still. Another 4 touchdown day in a 48-41 victory  againsJt the Cardinals  showcased again why Drew will be Canton bound in the future.


Brock Osweiler: Well at least he’s still getting all that cash on the bench. But getting benched against the Jaguars for Tom Savage (great name) has to sting Brock Lobster a little bit.

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