Niall Horan Discusses Upcoming Solo Album

With One Direction on a band hiatus, 2016 was a rather lack luster year for Directioners. While we were treated to solo snips from Niall and Louis, and a teaser from Liam, we have been faced with quite a drought on the 1D front. Even the tizzy inspiring photos from Harrys Another Man magazine spread didn’t quite fill the void left by 5 years of albums, tours and live concerts.

But, 2017 seems ready to end our suffering. Especially if you count the fact that Niall Horan is schedule to release his solo album some time in the summer-ish area.

When asked about his sound and what we can expect, Horan said ‘folk with a pop feel to it’, a la the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. Well, then…

“Whenever I would pick up a guitar, I would always naturally play chords like that, and finger pick a lot and play that folky kind of style,” – Niall Horan

But Niall still loves a bit of rock, so we can still expect a little touch of rocker edge as well.

“Some of the songs are heavier than others. I play a bit of electric on some tracks and we obviously played around a lot with percussion stuff to build up the songs so there was a lot of things going on percussion wise.” – NH

Despite the excitement and freedom this new venture is bringing, Niall did admit a little apprehension with regards to no longer having to share vocals with his 1D bandmates. While writing the songs, he made sure to write them in his key as to not push himself too far, also having to ensure he was vocally able to carry through an entire song and set himself.

Don’t worry Nialler, we have faith in you! And we cant wait to hear what you’ve come up with!

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