Friends and Family Wish Louis Tomlinson a Happy 25th Birthday

December 24 isnt just about the night before Christmas, mouses being quiet, and kids sleeping before the jolly ‘ol Santa appears. In the land of 1D, it is also the birthday of our dear Tommo

This year marks the quarter century point for Louis, and with that you can expect a whole lot of happy birthday wishes coming from friends, family, celebs and media!

Of course, some of his 1D bandmates were early to wish their mate a happy day.

Liam took to Twitter featuring a reference to chains:

Niall went his Instagram route with a photo of him and Tommo playing their fav sport, Football

Of course, his longtime girlfriend Danielle Campbell joined in via Instagram, with a sweet photo of the two in a tender smooch

Sister Lottie turned to Instagram to wish her brother and best friend a happiest of birthdays

Everyone in the One Direction fandom knows that Louis is a proud and active supporter of the Eden Dora Trust, and the foundation was also ready to wish their supporter a birthday to best all others

Despite the recent family tragedies the Tomlinson family has faced recently, the well wishes and love were something Louis most definitely needed. As always, our fav Tommo returned the love with a heartfelt thank you via his Twitter

Of course, we here at Fangirlish want to join the band wagon…so, happiest of birthdays to you, Louis Tomlinson! And many, many more!

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