Our Holiday Wish-List for the Characters of The Royals



We’re all about royalty – because we’re girls and the whole idea of being a princess. Now we do know that The Royals on E! is far fetched and it’s not real, but we love it. The drama, the intrigue, and the all out craziness keeps us tuning in week after week.

But as it’s Christmas and we’re talking about what we would get the characters on the show for Christmas. So let’s break down what we would get the cast of The Royals.

Queen Helena – The Ability To Love Herself. We get it – it seems as though she’s got all the confidence in the world and we can respect that about her. We love it about her. But the thing is, she doesn’t seem to know how to appreciate and love herself. She deserves that. She’s had to give up a lot – some because she wanted to, some because she was tricked into this life. But what we want for her is the ability to forgive herself so that she can love herself. She is where she is and she’s got some pretty amazing children to show for it.

Cyrus – A Moral Compass. We feel bad for Cyrus, because he has never had a life where people appreciate him for him – he’s struggled to find a way forward, because he’s lived in the shadows. Sure he’s made a name for himself but he’s done it the wrong way. He’s screwed over everyone in his path. We feel bad for him, but at the end of the day he’s going to end up alone because he hasn’t had a moral compass. And for that we feel bad for him. So we hope that he finds a moral compass soon. He needs it.

Prince Robert – Safety. We can’t even imagine what it would be like to come back after being gone for so long. His life was taken away from him and it wasn’t willingly. We hate that has happened to him. So we hope that he finds the safety that he needs being home. Safety in his feelings, safety in other peoples feelings, in the things that are around him and the people that influence him. We hope he finds everything that he needs. Because Robert deserves more.

Prince Liam – A Copy of The Bro Code. Liam, Liam… we have always been pulling for you. We wanted better for you. But you seem to be off the rails and doing everything that you shouldn’t be doing. And yes, we’ve been able to overlook a lot of your shit – but when you slept with your brother’s ex… well, Liam we kinda lost our shit. You screwed with the “Bro Code” and that’s pretty fucking shitty. S

Princess Eleanor – Happiness. We love Eleanor and think that she’s absolutely fabulous. But what is so hard for us with her is seeing how she self medicates and how we just want her to find happiness without that. We want her to be at peace. We want her to have happiness and love and comfort. We want her to know her worth. We want her to be able to smile and laugh and see just how amazing that she is. Because we see her that way. And we see her finding her way, but we hope that it hits her like a ton of bricks and hangs on for dear life. Cause she deserves that eternal happiness.

Ophelia – Answers. Ok, we totally get that Ophelia has not been a central part of the show for a bit – but we want her to come back. We want to see the show down between her and Liam. We want her to be there for Eleanor. But we want her to have peace, cause sorry – where has she been? Does she not have anything to say about her father being murdered? There is something missing there.

Jasper – New Beginnings. Let’s admit it – Jasper is all sorts of fucked up. We get that. We know that he’s the ultimate bad boy and he’s the guy that you should stay the hell away from. But Jasper is a good guy. Jasper just hasn’t had the best life (from what we know). However, we believe that he deserves redemption and we want for him to have that.

James Hill – Oh James Hill, you are our new favorite. So what do we wish for you? A vacation. Because these people have taken and will take everything out of you. So we think you deserve a vacation. Someone send you and your daughter on one soon.

The Royals airs Sundays on E!

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