Our Holiday Wish-List for the Characters of Shadowhunters

Tis the season of giving and though there are plenty of gifts that we need to buy for our real life friends. But the great thing about our not real life friends – the gifts we would give them don’t have to be monetary. So when we were thinking about what we would give the characters of Shadowhunters.

Let me repeat this -this is NOT about the actors – this is about the characters on the show.

Jace Wayland… some snarky lines. Now, we’ll be the first to admit that judging by the first episode of the second season – Jace has gotten that fight in him – but dear fandom gods above, lets get him some snarky lines and a personality that makes sense. He is everywhere – like we can’t even keep up with the mood changes, the indecision, the what the hell is he doing. Some cohesion – lets work on it.

Clary Fray… some tissues. Yes, we totally get she’s been going through some stuff and like we’re lucky that she hasn’t had a mental breakdown. But Clary is not supposed to cry/whine that much. Like pick yourself up by the ovaries girl and get your shit together. No one should be sad that often. Like in addition to the tissues, we’re hoping to give your something to boost your happiness. We know you exercise, so we’re not saying that. But something. Maybe we’ll toss in a lifetime supply of coffee.

Izzy Lightwood… a practical storyline that exercises your strengths. It’s always sad to us that for someone who is supposed to be so smart that the only time they show that is when they tell you that she’s a forensic scientist and have her toss on a coat. We’re hoping that she gets a stronger storyline that isn’t driven by her looks or peoples perception of her. We want Izzy to have a storyline that works and showcases all her strengths. Someone should realize she’s more than a beautiful woman. She’s a strong, fierce, independent woman and deserves more.

Alec Lightwood… some Xanax. Sorry, that shit is monetary. But like he needs to calm down. He’s going to give himself a heart attack. But besides that we want Alec to find comfort. The man seems to be up against everything and anything that could go wrong all the time and all we want is for him to find comfort and happiness. We also want him to have an empowering storyline – one that he isn’t just fighting to save everyone, but he’s actually fighting for himself. Let’s catapult that by Malec breaking up and then fighting for their way back to each other.

Magnus Bane… clarity. Magnus Bane is a warlock – a pretty powerful one. We love him. But what we don’t get is how he doesn’t seem to be respected for that. He seems to be used for that. So we want him to have clarity – much like Alec – we want him to get what he wants – to be empowered – and to see just how kick ass of a warlock he is.

Luke Garroway… the ability to show off his alphaness. I mean here’s the thing – Luke is a powerful man. A powerful one. And we appreciate that. But what’s happened is he seems to be playing second fiddle to everything around. Luke of the books is strong, fierce, and doesn’t back down. He knows that he’s in charge and that he’s all wolf.

Jocelyn Fairchild… go back to sleep. Jocelyn is supposed to be asleep. She’s supposed to be Clary’s motivation. This story is supposed to be about powerful relationship between a mother and daughter – at least it’s supposed to be a part of it. Let’s go back to sleep and get that motivation back.

Simon… Love. Talk about going through some shit. This boy has. But he’s handled it with grace and style. However, it’s left him isolated from most everyone that is supposed to be there forever. So, we hope that he finds love. Cause he deserves it.

Valentine Morgenstern… a moral compass. He doesn’t seem to have one. As a matter of fact he just seems to have an evil one. But we hope that he finds one.

Maryse Lightwood… get this woman a stiff drink. And then if that doesn’t work to loosen her up – let’s find her someone that will give her all the loving that she needs.

The People in the Institute… there are a lot of people in the institute with the inability to speak apparently and they all deserve to have a voice. She whatever rune is on them, whatever curse has been cast over them to make them unable to communicate – let’s fix that.

Shadowhunters returns to Freeform, January 2nd.

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