Our Holiday Wish-List for the Characters of Pitch

Pitch was one of the best shows of fall 2016, and we are crossing our fingers that it will get a second season. One of our favourite things about this incredible show was its amazing characters. The Padres and their entourage were so realistic, so relatable, that we feel like we know them after only ten episodes.

We know them so well, in fact, that we know what they’d probably like for Christmas this year. Here’s what we would give the characters of Pitch.

Ginny Baker: A Break


There’s nothing Ginny Baker needs more than a nice break from all the craziness of her life. Maybe it’s a romantic vacation with the billionaire whose name I can’t remember. Maybe it’s a trip back home, or an eventless offseason.

The poor girl has been under extreme stress for months, constantly working to improve her baseball skills while dealing with seemingly every controversy she could possibly be involved in. And now, right when she’s finally supposed to be relaxing, she’s injured.

Give the girl a break, already.

Mike Lawson: A World Series Ring


Whether he wins it with the Padres, the Cubs or some other team, all Mike needs it call it a career is a nice World Series championship. That would cement his legacy and let him retire in peace before he wears himself out.

I’m not sure how we’d go about getting it for him since the Padres have already decided against a trade and it’s clear they’re not winning this year, but it’s definitely what he’d most appreciate.

Blip Sanders: A weekend with his kids


Blip seems like a pretty hard person to buy for, because he kind of has everything he wants. The problem is that his career is very slowly intruding on his personal life, and he needs to fix that very soon if he wants to save his marriage. Over and over again, he’s had to brush off his family’s needs because of the Padres, and it’s time he had a weekend off. Just one weekend. He can hang out with his kids, talk things out with Evelyn, and hopefully fix his personal life.

Evelyn Sanders: A Restaurant


Evelyn made it clear in the season finale that she wants to be more than a baseball wife. Sure, it’s cool going to games, cheering on her husband and taking care of the kids, but she had to give up all her aspirations, her potential career paths, when she married Blip. She wants to make something of herself, by opening up her own restaurant.

Livan Duarte: Mike Lawson’s job


Hey, if we’re getting Mike a ticket to retirement, we might as well give his successor everything he wants and probably would probably be better off without.

Agree? Disagree? Have any other wishes for these characters? Share with us in the comments below!

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