NFL Week 16 Winners and Losers









Week 16 of the NFL season will be remembered for the crucial injury that struck a potential Super Bowl contender. Also the reigning Super Bowl Champs were knocked out of playoff contention in devastating defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Oh and the Cleveland Browns los……wait they WON!!! Can’t lose them all I suppose.

Now onto the Winners and Losers of Week 16 of the 2016 NFL season!!


New England Patriots: The path to the Super Bowl looks even clearer now for the Patriots with Tom Brady at the top of his game right now. Also the main contenders for the AFC seem to be falling by the wayside with injuries.

Miami Dolphins: Week 16 saw the Dolphins defeated the Bills on Saturday. Thanks to the Broncos loss on Sunday night, Miami is now in the 6th and final playoff spot. With Ryan Tannehill’s possible return, the Dolphins could be a dangerous team to face.

Bill O’Brien: Even with a weak AFC South, Bill leads the Texans to their second-straight divisional title. Will this be the year Houston shows up in the playoffs?


Denver Broncos: I don’t want to say the Broncos quit on Sunday but it sure did look like it in their humiliating loss to the Chiefs 33-10. They even let a Defensive Tackle throw a touchdown on them. Time to put in Paxton Lynch in week 17 and see some more of what he can do.

Josh Lambo: San Diego ended up being the team that the Browns finally got a win on Sunday afternoon.  This was in no small part due to the Chargers kicker’s late performance. Missing two field goals in the 4th Quarter (1 was blocked) and this had to be the worst day of this young player’s career.

Eli Manning : With a chance at the NFC East and the #1 seed , Eli served up a 3 interception game vs the Eagles in a 24-19 loss. Now the Giants have a long hill to climb to get a return trip to the Super Bowl

Player of the Week

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: Shocker huh? After another 4 touchdown- 300+ yard game in a 38-25 win over the Vikings, Rodgers has the Packers one step from winning the NFC North. #12 makes Green Bay possibly the #1 threat on the Cowboys’s road to the Super Bowl

Dud of the Week

New York Jets Quarterbacks: Bryce Petty and Ryan Fitzpatrick looked pitiful in a 41-3 loss to the Patriots. Combining for 3 interceptions and barely over 130 yards passing, the Jets have a lot of questions about their quarterback position coming up in 2017.

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