Shadowhunters Executive Producers Tease the Arrival of Sebastian

While we all know that Shadowhunters premieres tomorrow, one thing that we are looking forward to the season is the arrival of the man that we hate to love, but love to hate. Yes, we’re talking about Sebastian.

In November, show runner Todd Slavkin teased the arrival of Sebastian.


We’ve always known that he is coming, but our minds started to wander. The thing is – Sebastian is such an important character – not just anyone can play him. We are still all for Daniel Sharman being in the Shadowhunters world – so his name sprung as a possibility for us.

We hadn’t heard about Sebastian for awhile, but executive producer Matt Hastings recently talked Sebastians return with TV Line.

“If you know the history of the character, you know where he grew up — in hell — and how he was raised,” Hastings told TVLine. “It’s important for us to cast somebody who, similarly to Valentine, can embrace that duality.”

Finding someone who embodies Sebastian could be the problem. But Hastings addressed that issue too.

“We need someone who can be compassionate, and who may seem like a decent person on the surface,” he said. “But anybody that’s been tortured that much in the bowels of hell by a demon… man, they did terrible things to him. They tore his skin off, layer by layer. That kind of dramatic resonance never goes away from a person, no matter how you shellac it.”

He makes some very great points.

While we wait to see who they cast as Sebastian, one wonders how that will happen. Show runner Darren Swimmer addressed that.

“We want to keep the details of how Sebastian emerges on the show … a little bit close to the vest,” Swimmer said. “He’s definitely going to be a charming character with a dark side.”

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