Younger: 6 Reasons We Are Team Charles


If you aren’t watching Younger, it’s something that you should be watching. Basic premise – Liza is 40 and she’s getting divorced. She isn’t able to find a job because it’s been so long since she’s worked (she’s spent her life being a mom and a wife) and is kinda out of touch. But she wants to work in publishing and when she decides to pass herself off as “younger” she gets a job in publishing.

Charles is her boss and he’s not known about her secret. I mean where it left off, he still doesn’t know. BUT – since she’s told Kelsey, we’re thinking it’s not that much longer.

Somethings that you should know about Charles –

He owns the publishing house where Liza works.
He has two kids.
He and Liza have had a few romantical interactions.
When he gets hurt or has the possibility of being hurt – he puts up walls.
He’s got a huge heart and a love for what he does.

Now, up until the season finale, Liza was with Josh. Josh was going to propose, but he saw Liza kissing Charles and he decided that he’d had enough of her lies. So – Josh told Liza he was done. She realized she wanted to be with Josh, but he’s hurt and pissed so we’re thinking that is no longer an option.

But if we’re being honest, we can see the reasons that Liza should be with both men. Charles is more “appropriate” by social standards. We’re gonna break down the reasons that Liza should be “Team Charles.” Basically – it’s some of the reasons that we are.

He’s “salt and pepper” hot.

There are people who age like fine wine and Charles is one of those men. We know, we know – you shouldn’t judge on the outside and we’re not only basing on that. But Charles is beautiful. He’s always put together, rocks a suit well, and he’s got those lips that you just want to bite (but then again – so does Josh). He’s attractive.

He’s who Liza should have been with, if she had only been honest. 

If Liza and Charles had met under honest circumstances – sure there is a chance that he wouldn’t have looked twice. He’s gotten to know her and that’s part of what makes him so attracted to her. He loves her mind, her heart, and her smile. We get it – we totally get it… people are thrown together for reasons – some that we may never understand. Some that we may. But the truth is that Liza and Charles seem meant for each other. They seem as though they haven’t found each other through the most honest of circumstances, but they just fit.


He’s got his shit together.

We know that you can have your shit together at any age and having your shit together means different things to different people. But Charles seems like he’s the entire package. He’s made his life and sure – maybe it’s not always been by his terms, but it’s been his. He’s got this security that he can give Liza right now and that is something that she is missing.

The way he looks at Liza, is the way we want to be looked at.

You want to be the looked at as if you are the only person in the room. You want someone to look at you and find the joy in their life in your eyes. And Charles looks at Liza like that. She is everything to him and you can see that. It’s the looks that dreams are made of.

He puts Liza’s feelings first.

Charles has made a few moves. They have been from subtle to not so subtle. And that’s okay. But no matter what – he see’s what Liza is going through (well from what he knows based on what she’s allowed him to see). But every time he thinks that he’s gone to far, that he has disrupted her feelings, that she isn’t at ease – he backs off. Sure, he doesn’t always do it the right way, but he does it.

But the most important thing –

They just fit.

Who would you choose? Are you “Team Charles” or “Team Josh”?

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